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Two-way messaging

Effortless text messaging conversations

Enjoy quick-fire conversations with your customers with SMS Messenger. Your team can send text messages, quickly answer questions, and manage SMS conversations. From Dashboard or app.
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The straightforward two-way texting platform for business

Fire-up customer engagement with SMS Messenger. It's designed for busy businesses who want to start chatting to customers via text messaging, ASAP. That's why SMS Messenger has all the important features you need to get chatting.

Enjoy fast text chats backed by our 232+ global network connections. You can build simple auto-responders and replies.
Set up templates or add emojis. Find, filter and close conversations. All from one inbox.

Fast two-way communication
with conversational text messaging

Start a conversation, handle responses and solve your customers' problems. See how our customers use SMS Messenger.

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Two-way SMS for customer experience

60% of people want to send texts to your business. Use SMS Messenger to engage your customers the way they prefer — via text. You can give your customers the best experience, without investing in complicated tech.

Keep your customers — and your customer service team — happy:

  • See all your customer conversations in one inbox.
  • Close or open chats so you know who’s waiting for a response.
  • Send special offers by text, based on previous conversations.
  • Set up automatic text responses to common questions.
  • Save some budget, all incoming messages are free.
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Simple appointment reminders

Plans can change at a moment's notice. But you don't have to absorb no-show expenses. Make it effortless for your customers to adjust or cancel bookings via SMS conversations. And keep your customers happy.

Set up reminder texts and confirm bookings:

  • Create templates so you can fire off reminders in seconds.
  • Use automations or integrations to create automatic SMS reminders.
  • Include a link for easy rebooking using our link shortening tool.
  • Keep your office phone lines open. Answer questions from customers who are rescheduling by SMS.
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On-the-go team messaging

Talk to your team while they're on the move, without having to pick up your phone. Send quick texts via SMS Messenger or build templates for regular staff communications.

  • Update your employees with urgent internal news, memos and more.
  • Encourage the team to ask questions by SMS. And, send quick fire responses.
  • Search for employee communication or chat history, easily.
  • Create templates for onboarding texts or regular communications.
  • Use emojis to keep employee communication friendly and on-brand.
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Streamlined conversational text messaging

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Keep all chats together

Every time you get an inbound SMS, a new chat is auto-opened. Keep all your text conversations together in a streamlined inbox.
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Rapid-fire conversation

Real time text message chat from your desktop or mobile app. Enjoy super fast delivery and replies, backed up by our global network.
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Ditch the learning curve

SMS Messenger is easy to master. Open and close chats so your team knows who to reply to. It’s an easy way to improve customer experience.
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Everything you need — no fluff

Simple. Powerful. Made for you. We’ve streamlined our SMS Messenger for businesses of all sizes.
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Control the volume on notifications

Never miss a message and get notifications straight to your inbox. Or turn off notifications when you’re focusing.
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Automations made easy

Build simple auto-responders and replies. Or, set up templates. All from the same Dashboard.

A two-way SMS service that’s made for businesses

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Direct routes for lightning-fast delivery

Keep the conversation flowing. Make sure your messages are delivered on time via our reliable, direct routes.

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Always on support.

Got questions? Start a chat. There's always friendly online support for quick, efficient help. No bots, just real humans.

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Always pay as you go

You’ll only ever pay for messages sent, not the size of your contact list. Plus, customer replies are always free — bonus.

Join the conversation — see what our customers are saying

Frequently asked questions about two-way messaging

Can you reply to a text message from a business?

If the company uses a text messaging platform or number that allows responses, then you can reply to a text message.

However, if they use a number or system that does not facilitate replies, then the answer is no. For example, if the Sender ID uses a name instead of a phone number, you’ll be unable to respond.

On a positive note, most businesses allow replies or use an SMS Messenger app (similar to ours). It's a great way to be accessible on everyone’s favourite channel — text.

What is two-way SMS messaging?

Two-way SMS messaging is a widely adopted approach for business text messaging. Engage in conversations with customers, leads, or even team members by sending and receiving SMS messages. With two-way messaging, recipients have the ability to reply and interact with the sender. And with the efficiency of rapid-fire text messaging, you can keep the conversation flowing in real time. That's why we refer to it as conversational SMS.

What is one-way and two-way SMS?

In the past, you would typically send one-way message campaigns online, without expecting any replies. But now, two-way messaging allows you to receive replies, address inquiries, and gather feedback from your customers. It's not just about broadcasting messages anymore – it's about having meaningful conversations.

Can businesses automate two-way SMS messaging?

For sure. Configure automated responses with SMS rules within the ClickSend Dashboard. All your messages will be neatly stored in one thread, so everything is nice and neat.

How can two-way SMS messaging improve customer engagement?

Resolve issues and provide quick answers to customers. With lightning-fast texting, you can promptly address concerns, fostering a loyal community of repeat customers.

Plus, you can set up automatic responses to common questions, thanks to our efficient automations.

How much does a two-way SMS platform cost?

Choose an online SMS gateway that is pay-as-you-use and offers free replies, for the best value conversational SMS pricing around.

Can you measure how effective two-way messaging is?

Yes, there are many ways you can collect data.

  • Looking to reduce the number of customer support tickets? Use two-way messaging and compare the number of open tickets before and after.
  • Need your team to respond faster when on the road? Watch response times plummet with conversational SMS.
  • Want more sales on your online store? Send text messaging marketing campaigns to your contacts. Then improve your conversion rate with fast responses to questions about sizing, delivery and returns.

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