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Call Centre Communications Reimagined

There is little that consumers find more frustrating than sitting on the phone in a queue for call centre service. Likewise, there is little that is more frustrating for call centre staff than dealing with said consumers who, after holding the line, are themselves impatient or even angry. SMS call centre solutions offer an answer to assist both entities – consumer and call centre service provider.

Using SMS messaging for call centres to juggle multiple conversations at once

Using an SMS messaging service can effectively improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs at the same time. It is a proactive, positive step for call centre operators to take to interact with consumers while reducing the demand for voice calling. Service enquiries can then be managed more efficiently.

How to Use SMS for Call Centres

SMS call centre solutions as offered by ClickSend are suitable for use in a multitude of different industries.

They are invaluable in a number of ways:

  • Improve customer service via convenience and welcome messages

  • Send courtesy messages to consumers

  • Thank customers for recent purchases or bookings

  • Invite customer feedback on product or service delivered

  • Communicate with consumers in the most unobtrusive way

  • Send alerts for stock or account updates

Text messages have excellent read and response rates; in fact, 98% of text messages get read and 90% within three minutes of being received. Just try getting that kind of response with email!

You can also integrate your customer support chat to send text messages based on when a conversation is closed.

Some Favourite SMS Templates for Call Centres

Get to customers faster and diffuse customer complaints deftly with text messages. To get you started, here are some templates that our customers love.

Out of Hours Response Text Message

Hey there! Our Support Team are available between {hours}. We look forward to hearing from you then. Alternatively, you can reply CALL for us to return your call in the morning. {Company}.

Customer Centre Call Updates by SMS

Hi {first name}, we apologise in the delay in getting to speak with you. Our friendly team member will call you in approx {time}. Please reply CANCEL to cancel or reschedule this call.

Customer Support Call Summary SMS

Hey {first name}, thank you for your call today. Just confirming {details from call} and {any followup required}. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply. {Agent's name}.

Customer Support Satisfaction SMS Followup

Hi {first name}, thank you for your call. We hope {agent name} was able to solve your question. We would appreciate some feedback - how would you rate your conversation from 1-10? {Company}.

Customer Support Satisfaction SMS Followup

Not only can you manage customer relationships with text messaging, use SMS to keep your staff in the loop when things change, or for recurring communications like rostering and people management.

Internal Rostering Text Message

Hi {team member}, next week's roster has been published at {link}. Please double check to make sure you’re available for your rostered shifts. Any issues, please let me know.

Internal Professional Development Opportunity

Hey team, we're holding a {training type} training on {date}. It's a great opportunity for professional development and I encourage everyone to attend. Reply YES if interested and I'll add you to the list. {HR Team Member}.

Manage All Your Customer Support Communications Through ClickSend

With ClickSend, not only are you getting the best value SMS gateway (as voted on SMS Comparison), you get access to the full communications suite.

Send customer communications via email with ClickSend

Follow up your customer support chats with an automated email transcript of the conversation, so should your customers need to double check the information you provided, they can self-serve rather than have to start another conversation.

Send call centre documents via fax electronically with ClickSend

Have customers who still use fax? No need to worry about fax upkeep, just drag and drop your documents in our dashboard and have them arrive to your client's fax machine.

Send letters from desktop to mail box with ClickSend

Need to send tax invoices or official documents in the mail? Have letters printed and mailed at the click of a button, or integrate your applications with ClickSend to automate them. Your document will be printed, folded, placed in an envelope and posted straight to their physical mailbox.

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