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Online Competitions & Prizes

Fuel ticket sales with SMS

SMS is a great way to boost web traffic and online contest sales.

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61% of businesses have a hard time generating traffic and leads.

Use text messaging to turn the tables. It's a fast way to let your audience know about upcoming competitions or remind them before a contest ends.

Around 35% of people will visit your site after getting a text. So send a campaign and watch your sales rise.

Our software is designed for busy businesses like yours. So, setting up SMS campaigns and competition reminders is easy.

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Get the most from your marketing budget

Can you spend less on marketing and get better results? Text messaging is a budget-friendly and powerful way to connect with your audience.

Almost all messages get opened within minutes. Text message broadcasts can boost ticket sales.

Track how many people click the URL in your SMS. You can measure the return on your investment.

We offer fair pricing — the more you send, the less each message costs.

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Host contests on a global scale

Need to reach thousands at once? We can help. Want to take your contests global? We can help with that too.

Get messages to your audience quickly via our high-performance tools.

Relax, knowing your messages are flying to your audience via our trusted global network.

Get help when you need it from our 24/7 support team.

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Hit the jackpot with winning text tactics

Use simple SMS campaigns to power up your contests. Learning to use our software is easy and you only need to learn it once — then it's easy to repeat.

With a user-friendly Dashboard, you can send messages to thousands with a couple of clicks.

All you need is 160 characters and a contact list. SMS doesn't require design skills or specialists.

Set up automatic reminder messages that send on schedule. Keep sales rolling in.

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The support is 5 stars if not 6

“The pricing is good, and the results meet all our expectations. All else is top drawer so far. I would recommend the service to anyone at this point.”

- George, 2023

Great for mass texting

“Great rates, easy to use and a simple authentication process. My team needed a mass contacting service and I was able to have my first message sent before lunch.”

- Chris, 2023

Account management is fantastic

“ClickSend is so easy to set up, integrate and start using. The customer service and account management is fantastic as well. Loving working with ClickSend, thank you!”

- Xavier, 2023

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Get more SMS subscribers

We show you how to build your contact list — with 22 list building strategies.

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