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Text Messaging for Not for Profit Organisations

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SMS For Charities and Not For Profit Text Messaging

Not for profit (NFP) organisations and charities face unique challenges that for-profit organisations do not; as such the marketing may also differ widely. However there are some distinct similarities; budgeting mindfully being one of these similarities.

Given limited access to resources for NFPs and charities, careful consideration of budgets and return on spend can be even more critical. Not for profit SMS text messaging is a great marketing solution for charities and other organisations as it is relatively inexpensive to implement.

Thanks for your donation

MMS example for charity - with boy in poverty
Thanks to you, Paco and his village have access to food and clean water. Sign up to regular donations or share Paco's story online - more info at Mission Global.

MMS for Donation Updates and Requests

Hi Lauren, thank you for your donation to the bushfire relief effort. If you'd like to do more, please share the cause on your social media and encourage your friends to contribute, or please feel free to sign up to monthly donations at Every little bit counts and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Kind regards, Red Circle.

SMS for Donation and Social Sharing

Hi Genevie, Christmas is a time of joy and merriment for most of us. But not everyone can even put food on the table every day and Christmas is no different. Spread the joy this Christmas by sparing a few hours in our soup kitchen and give some hope to the needy.

SMS to Mobilise Charity Volunteers

SMS solutions are not limited to businesses and retail or service organisations. Not for profit enterprises and charities can also benefit enormously from using software which delivers SMS reminders and other communications. Using the ClickSend platform for your NFP organisation will reduce administrative expenses, save time, improve communications, and ultimately improve your return on spend.

Using Text Messaging for Not for Profit Businesses

3 Charity workers with heart hand gesture

Text Messaging for Charity and NFP Staffing

Send text messages instantly and know that they'll be read within minutes no matter where your staff are.

  • Recruit and manage volunteers.

  • Send SMS reminders to confirm times, dates, and venues.

  • Broadcast vacancies in volunteer rosters.

Text Messaging for Marketing and Fundraising

Not only can leads take a bit of nurturing within the sales cycle of car purchasing/upgrading, but you want to get those closed deals using your service centre. SMS is perfect for lead nurturing and aftersales servicing and can be fully automated. Including automating your replies with SMS keyword auto-responders.

  • Promote fundraising activities.

  • Communicate one-on-one with sponsors.

  • Boost donation levels.

  • Request urgently-needed donations.

  • Advertise events.

  • Announce contests and promotions.

Text messaging for fundraising on mobile handset
3 bright coloured balloons with thank you message

Thank and Inform People at Scale

Use mail merge, templates and bulk SMS to send thank you texts at scale

  • Build subscriber lists with keyword marketing.

  • Communicate two-way.

  • Alert all interested parties to changes.

  • Notify sponsors, supporters and participants of results of fundraising activities.

Some Favourite SMS Templates for Not for Profit Businesses

Maximise donation potential, rally volunteers quickly and reach people quickly and efficiently with not for profit text messaging.

Donation Request Via SMS

Hi {first name}, did you know that [relevant statistic]? Your donation will make an impact. Even $2 can help us to {benefit}. Reply back with your pledge and we will get back to you. More info at {link}. {NFP Name}.

Charity Event Texts

Hi {first name}, the [charity event/benefit] is on once again. Secure your early bird ticket and save. Reply back with how many tickets you'd like us to reserve for you or find out more at {link}. {Charity name}.

Thanks Your SMS Message

Hi {first name}, thank you for your donation. Your generosity will make a difference to {purpose}. You can access your receipt at, and we have sent a copy to your email for your tax deduction. Kind regards, {NFP}.

Seasonal Charity Text Messaging

Hi {first name}, seeking the perfect gift for the person who has everything? How about {charity mission: eg. alleviating poverty, curing cancer, reducing domestic abuse, etc}? Donate in their name at {link} for the gift that keeps giving.

SMS Coordination of Volunteers

Hi {first name}, we will be running {event name} on {day} and need your help. If you can spare a few hours, we have a variety of positions and roles that will need filling. More info at {link}. Kind regards, {Volunteer coordinator}.

SMS for Donation Milestones

Hi {first name}, thanks to your donation, we have achieved {achievement}. But we still have more to do! Anything extra you can spare will help - share with your friends or donate at {link}. Kind regards, {charity}.

SMS charity and NFP solutions exist to enhance your cause, improving your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing donor satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your brand awareness.

Integrate SMS with your NFP Software for Simply Great Results

Check out our helpful integrations that shave hours off your regular business tasks. You could get your in-house tech team to create a fully customised solution, or check out our no-code options and have your integration up and running in minutes.

Integration with Fundraising Software

Do you use fundraising software like Donately? Get the most out of it by integrating with your not for profit messaging platform.

Donately software logo

Send text message updates for new pledges: if you receive pledge forms with pledges for credit card payments, send text messages ahead of charging the card to give donors the heads up to ensure funds are available on the card. This will reduce the number of failed transactions and improve user experience for donors, helping to encourage them to make regular recurring donations.

Automate Your Regular Processes

With so many available integrations, the sky really is the limit for processes that can be automated. Our NFP clients love the following integrations:

Xero accounting software logo

Integration with accounts software like Xero to automate communications like sending invoices, text message reminders for accounts receivables or automated expense claim notifications.

Calendly scheduling software logo

Scheduling communications: integrate your scheduling tool like Calendly with ClickSend to automate sending text message reminders and never miss a meeting.

Eventbrite event management software logo

Events - if you run a non-profit sports club, community radio station, entrepreneur hub, cultural association or simply organise a lot of events, simplify event coordination by integrating your event management software with ClickSend.

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