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Communicate Instantly With Your Customers Through Our Online SMS Service

Our online SMS software allows you to communicate with staff members or customers using our online SMS gateway. SMS communication is superb at cutting through noise and contacting your targets in a way they will almost never miss.

The ClickSend SMS Gateway service guarantees delivery, or you simply don't pay for your message. By accessing our online SMS software, you are accessing a communication channel with very little wastage, which serves as an excellent method to deliver important messages directly to your targets.

SMS Marketing on a Mobile Handset
SMS Marketing
Send your marketing message in seconds using our bulk SMS service and ensure that it is read. With 98% open rates and lightning fast SMS delivery, you'd be silly not to include SMS in your marketing campaigns.
Transactional Marketing on a Mobile Handset
Transactional SMS
Automate your transactional messaging, confirmations and reminders, with the ClickSend Online SMS gateway and watch your productivity rise.
Online SMS via SMS API
SMS Gateway API
Integrate with ease using our powerful and reliable SMS APIs.

Check out our full range of documentation and sample code.

What is an Online SMS Gateway?

An online SMS gateway is a web based platform that businesses use to send text messages to customers. Accessed via a dashboard, you load up contact lists and send, receive and track SMS campaigns. Especially useful for sending mass text message blasts and SMS marketing campaigns.

ClickSend's online SMS gateway allows you to send and receive SMS communications from any web enabled device. Send business text messages online to individuals or a large number of contacts.

Send and receive SMS communications from any web enabled device with ClickSend's online SMS Gateway.

SMS Sent from Dashboard to Mobile Handset

Why Choose ClickSend's Online SMS Software?

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

Your first 25 messages are free and you don't have to input any card details to use your free credit. Price does not increase alongside the size of your database - send SMS how you want and only pay for what you use.

Not Another Software Subscription!

Not Another Software Subscription!

No, ClickSend is pay-as-you-use, you're not paying when you're not using. So don't worry about yet another monthly subscription that you forget about and keep on paying.

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

We’re so confident in our reliability, we offer a 100% uptime SLA guarantee so you can be sure your message reaches when you need it to.

Don't Stress About Message Deliverability

Don't Stress About Message Deliverability

Not only is our service always up and running, but we use direct routes. So rest assured when you click send your messages are being delivered on time, every time via the quickest route.

Free 24/7 Support

Free 24/7 Support

Talk to us through live chat, phone, contact form or email. There’s always a human on the other end, ready to help.

Global Coverage Direct Routes

Relax, Help Is Always At Hand

Our global 24/7 chat is industry leading and we're proud to employ real humans in support to help our real humans in use. We understand businesses can require quick, efficient support at any time of the day or night.

It's Super Simple To Send Text Messages Online With The ClickSend Online SMS Gateway

Send SMS
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Go the SMS tab on the dashboard

You can choose to send a quick SMS or SMS campaign. Type in recipient numbers or load a contact list. Select which number you want the message to come from.

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Type your message

Add any placeholders required e.g. (First Name)(Last Name), then simply type your message. Add a short URL or even an emoji if you wish.

Send SMS
Send SMS
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Then click send

Send SMS

And your messages will be delivered in seconds via ClickSend's direct routes. Allowing you to sit back and track via the History and Reporting analytics within the dashboard.

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It's important to find a simple and effective solution for communicating with your customers. Send SMS messages online through our ClickSend web SMS service and achieve real results using our software. With an accessible and friendly support network in New Zealand and worldwide, we have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to achieve real communication results for your business!

Contact our team at ClickSend today to learn more about our online SMS gateway and software.

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