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Two-Factor Authentication and Security

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Security is ever more critical in today's modern digital world. One way society is maintaining security standards is via Two Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an additional means of security by which users combine two different components of identification. It requires that a user provide a secondary piece of information alongside their usual standard method of access to accounts, etc.

2FA Protect Your Customers

2FA will be familiar to many in the processing of online payments, whereby an SMS code is sent to be used to complete a transaction.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a method of identity verification using two different factors; any combination of knowledge, possession or inherent factors. Two-factor authentication is a subset of multi-factor authentication, which uses a combination of multiple factors for verifying or authenticating user identity.

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Knowledge Factor

These are the most common methods of identity authentication, through answering of a question that only the user should know the answer to - for example a password they previously chose, the PIN to their bank card, the answer to a predefined security question (eg. mother’s maiden name or first pet name). The latter can be a poor form of authentication as such questions may be widely known about the person.

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Inherent Factor

An inherent authentication factor makes use of something only the user has - like a fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition. They tend to be most often biometric methods.

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Possession Factor

The most basic case of authentication by possession is a key and a lock - those who are without the possession of the key are unable to open the lock. These days people can carry a security token or download mobile authentication apps to perform possession authentication. SMS authentication is another type of possession authentication, as the user must have access to the correct mobile handset.

A one-time password is a common 2FA tool. One time passwords (OTP) are valid for a single login session on a computer or other digital device. They provide an extra level of security, as they are not vulnerable to being recorded and replayed for logging into a service illegally.

Why Utilise SMS One Time Passwords For Your Business

One time passwords are much more digitally secure than using user-nominated passwords; they are unique to every single user and every single session, and expire after only a very short time. An SMS generated one time password, or SMS OTP, is a popular and ever more common 2FA solution that offers the convenience of an app-based security module but without any requirement for downloading software or new systems for operation.

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Incredible Value

ClickSend is pay-as-you-use software at the best rates around. So you're only charged when your users require authentication. Don’t get bogged down in lock-in contracts with recurring monthly fees regardless of use.

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Consumers increasingly expect tech to work for them and for tech to work fast. Send SMS authentication messages instantly to ensure that your customers get the best possible online experience. Plus, it’s not just great for customers - use SMS for your contractors, vendors and suppliers also.

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Instant access, anytime anywhere. With minimal ongoing administration required, you can set and forget with ClickSend. Furthermore, most people have an SMS capable handset on them at all times. SMS works on all handsets independent of the device type and without needing to install any extra apps to their phones.

Even for companies that use other types of OTP device (e.g. tokens), SMS has an important role to play. Consider SMS OTP for your business or organisation today, for the benefit of both you and your customers.

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