Send and Receive Fax Messages Worldwide at Scale via email, online or API.

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Send and Receive Fax Messages Online via a Real Cloud Fax Machine

The ClickSend Fax Gateway allows businesses to send and receive fax online, eliminating the need for traditional fax machines or fixed-line connections. You can fax more securely, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Access all of these products on the ClickSend Fax Gateway. A real cloud fax machine.

No fax machine? No worries.

No need to worry about paper and toners and expensive parts. Online faxing is quick, easy and saves money. Use your dedicated fax number to send and receive fax in a few clicks or integrate with one of ClickSend’s flexible fax APIs to automate your faxes.

Send faxes from any device to individuals or a large number of contacts, with ClickSend’s super simple, highly secure online fax portal.

Turn any email from a client into a fax with our fully customisable email to fax service.

Use the ClickSend fax API and integrate fax capability into your business application, website or software.

ClickSend Fax is trusted by industries across the world


An industry that’s heavily reliant on fax for the transferring of patient records and other important and sensitive information. ClickSend Fax adheres to the strictest data security and compliance standards.


In many jurisdictions, fax is considered a legally valid document as it is subject to confirmed delivery and is not modified between sending and receiving. This is why the legal profession relies on fax as a method of secure communication for sensitive documents.

Öffentliche Verwaltung/Behörden

Within the highly regulated areas of government departments and agencies, ClickSend Fax protects the privacy and confidentiality of their messages.


As like the healthcare industry, finance is heavily concerned with security and compliance with government regulations. The smallest financial firms to major Fortune 500 investment companies still rely on the fax.

Why Use An Internet Fax Gateway?

Less waste; time and money

The ClickSend online fax service guarantees delivery, or you simply don’t pay for the message, and you are utilising a communication channel with very little wastage. No fax machine issues; no paper, no cartridges. Just documents delivered promptly and securely.

Greater security

The ClickSend cloud infrastructure is housed in secure data centres, designed to satisfy the requirements of our most security-sensitive customers. The infrastructure has been designed to provide enhanced security & privacy to keep your most sensitive documents protected.

Convert PDF to fax

Just attach a PDF and send via email to fax, or upload and send via online fax, and it’s automatically converted and sent as a standard fax.

Fax one, fax all

Sending a fax to an unlimited amount of people is as easy as sending to one. ClickSend fax enables you to send the same fax to multiple recipients with one click.

Free inbound faxes, forever

You’ll never be charged for any fax you receive using ClickSend fax and with the most competitive outbound prices in the market using ClickSend fax will save your company money.

Standardfunktionen inbegriffen

  • Zuverlässige SLA-Garantie für eine Betriebszeit von 100 %

  • Großartiger Support rund um die Uhr kostenfrei

  • Blitzschnelle Zustellung

  • Hohe Leistung - Faxversand innerhalb von 1 Minute

  • Garantierte Lieferung mit Tier-1-Netzwerken

  • Faxversand in alle Länder der Welt

  • Individualisierung der Sendererkennung

  • Überwachung des Nachrichtenstatus in Echtzeit

  • Sichere 256-Bit-SSL

  • Hochladen als CSV- oder Excel-Datei für Massen-Fax-Sendungen

  • Kostenlose Festnetznummer

  • Kostenlose Antworten

  • Keine Einrichtungsgebühren

  • Keine versteckten Gebühren

  • Großzügiger Kreditablauf

  • Kostenfreie Warnung bei niedrigem Guthaben

  • Optionale automatische Aufladung

  • Kostenlose Zustellberichte

  • Kostenfreie Produktanpassung

  • Kein Setup erforderlich. In wenigen Minuten einsatzbereit.

  • Flexible Prepaid- und Postpaid-Zahlungsoptionen verfügbar

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