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Mail just got a lot smarter and a lot faster. Using a real cloud printer, you can send documents faster and more securely than ever. In just a few clicks you can have letters printed, folded and mailed anywhere in the world. Or create beautiful business postcards and have them sent to your customers in minutes.

Access all of these features and more with ClickSend Post.


Online Post allows staff to send letters and postcards from any web enabled computer. Send letters and postcards to individuals or a large number of contacts, in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes.

Post per E-Mail

Email to Post is ideal for those who use email as their primary communication channel, offering seamless integration with almost any email software. It’s just like sending a normal email.


Post API enables integration directly with business applications, websites and software. Free sample code and downloads are available. Our flexible and powerful set of APIs enables developers to add the ability for their applications to send letters and postcards.

ClickSend becomes your virtual mail room

The ClickSend cloud printer is completely automated. From the moment you send your letter or postcard to ClickSend it enters an automated process. Printing, enveloping (for letters), stamping and dispatching. The hardware and software, developed by ClickSend, is super-efficient. Keeping costs down yet with stringent monitoring and quality control. So, your mail will get delivered for the best price at the best quality.

Whatever you mail, it just got a whole lot faster and smarter

Invoices and statements

Completely automate your regular, recurring invoice and statement mail-outs. Via the use of the ClickSend API, which can be integrated into pretty much any existing business solution. Or use Zapier to integrate with your small business accounting software like John The Plumber.

Personalised postcards

A personalised postcard saying thank you for your purchase, for your loyalty is a simple yet highly effective way to delight and retain customers. Email your postcard to ClickSend, or upload via the online dashboard, and before we can say ‘thank you’ it’s printed and on its way to delighting your customer. Postcards online is the intelligent way to send postcards offline.

Why use the ClickSend Cloud Printer?

It’s just so quick and easy

In a few clicks you can program and control physical mail just like email, from automatic triggers to super-fast delivery. Producing a more timely, relevant, and personal customer experience that’s fully automated.

No minimum volumes

From an enterprise level customer churning out thousands of transactional letters a month to a small shop sending bespoke, personalised postcards. Your mail gets the same service. The ClickSend cloud printer has no minimum volumes.


With the ClickSend Letter Service, reaching millions of people is as easy as reaching one. Unlock the hidden potential of snail mail and start mailing documents just like you would an email campaign.


Drucken, versenden und verfolgen Sie Ihre Postkarten bei Bedarf mit unserem Postkartendruck- und Zustellservice.

Concealed PIN Letters

The concealed PIN number tab letter service allows you to send a pin number securely via post…

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Bulk Post can be sent using our Online Post system, Email to Post system or through your…

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Individuelle Integration

Integrate Post into anything. Let us know what you would like to achieve, and we’ll have you sending letters in no time!


By default, we use as much recycled material as possible, and using our service dramatically reduces overall waste from doing it yourself.

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