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Save hours on document mailing; use the ClickSend Online Post service to print, fold, stamp and send mail electronically.

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Print and Send Documents Electronically with ClickSend Online Post

Forget maintaining office printers, replacing inks, toners and expensive parts. Say goodbye to paper jams and wasting time troubleshooting print errors. Eliminate repetitive tasks like printing, folding, placing into envelopes, stamping and taking letters to the post office. Let the ClickSend Online Post Service become your virtual print centre, where documents are printed and mailed at the click of a button.

What is an Online Post Service?

The ClickSend Online Post Service is a virtual mail room, or cloud mail room, where you can send documents to a printer and they will be automatically printed, folded, placed into an envelope, stamped and mailed. The second you click send, we handle every mail process from printing to dispatching.

Our online post service can be used through our user dashboard, API integrations or our print to post printer driver which allows you to send documents to print straight from your word processing application. Shave hours and dollars off printing your regular documents, invoices, statements or marketing postcards.

Why Use Our Online Post Software?

Our team at ClickSend are proud to deliver an online post service that lets you print, fold, stamp and mail letters from your computer. Send documents and postcards in the mail without accessing a printer, thanks to our online post service. If you are looking for a reliable online post service, we have the solution you need!

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With no setup cost or monthly fees, our pay-as-you-use option comes with highly competitive rates, proving to be a far better alternative to the Post Office!

Kostenfreier Support 24/7

Kontaktieren Sie uns per Live-Chat, Telefon, Kontaktformular oder E-Mail. Am anderen Ende erwartet Sie stets ein Mitarbeiter, um Ihnen weiterzuhelfen.

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Intuitive API Integration

Sign up and get access to our free API key. Our APIs come with comprehensive documentation to make integration a breeze.

Globale Reichweite

Send mail anywhere in the world, at a click of a button. And at the best rates in the world!

SLA-Garantie für eine Betriebszeit von 100 %

Wir sind von unserer Zuverlässigkeit so überzeugt, dass wir eine SLA-Garantie für eine Betriebszeit von 100 % bieten, sodass Sie sicher sein können, dass Ihre Nachricht Ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechend zugestellt wird."

How to Send Letters in 3 Easy Steps via Quick Letter

Dispatch mail in minutes using the Quick Letter feature in the ClickSend online dashboard. Here's how:

Automatische Adresserkennung

The system will automatically detect the recipient's address and provide a preview for you to double check everything.

Super Quick Letter Loading

The Quick Letter function allows you to easily drag and drop a document into the system, or you can upload the traditional way.

Then Just Click Send

Your letter will instantly reach our virtual mail room and be printed, enveloped, stamped and in the post quick smart!

Want to send letters programmatically? Check out our post API option to send letters even faster!

Send Mail Online With ClickSend Today!

Our team are here to help you find the simplest and most efficient solution for sending mail. Contact our team at ClickSend today to learn more about our online post service.

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