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Text Messaging for eCommerce Businesses

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SMS for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce has rapidly taken share of dollars from the brick and mortar stores and seems to not be slowing down anytime soon. Yet, with selling online comes a different set of expectations and standards, plus incredibly fierce competition. Furthermore, the online arena can be more susceptible to changes in demand due to positive or negative online reviews.

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Ensure your customers are happy, and better yet spread positive reviews (whether online or offline), by keeping them informed during their transaction journey. The potential for SMS eCommerce solutions to grow your business is astronomical.

Enhanced Customer Engagement with SMS

Check out some of the ways our eCommerce clients use text messaging to grow their customer engagement:

  • Provide links in text messages for interested consumers to act upon

  • Promote websites via SMS marketing practices

  • Remind consumers of their existing wish lists

  • Advise consumers when wish list items are running out or on sale

  • Confirm online orders

  • Advise changes to order status

  • Promote specials

  • Send a text message to have online shoppers collect their merchandise in-store

  • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on social media or online

  • Send SMS to service personnel to direct them to jobs

  • Advise customers of pending service arrival or deliveries

  • Send payment reminders

  • Advise order cancellations for non-payment

  • Thank customers for their patronage

  • Encourage customer feedback

SMS eCommerce messaging can be very valuable tools to grow your online business enterprise.

SMS Integrations for eCommerce Businesses

Forget having to send transactional information one-by-one. Automate your online sales messaging through integrations with your eCommerce platform and payment gateway.

Integration tools like Zapier open a whole new world of possibility for automation and increased productivity - get more out of your eCommerce platform and communications gateway by integration. In Zapier, these integrations are known as zaps.

Connect your eCommerce platform like Shopify, BigCartel or BigCommerce through Zapier - it could not be easier! Once logged in to Zapier you can choose your trigger application and action application.

Screenshot: how to connect your Shopify store with ClickSend using Zapier

Then choose your trigger and action - for example, when a new order is created, send an order text message. Or with ClickSend you can send a text-to-speech voice call, send SMS to a contact list, send a fax, search for a contact or list, create or delete a contact or list, send a letter in the post or even a postcard. It's up to you - whatever works best for your business needs and suits your customers.

Or, for example, you could create a zap that:

  • Sends an SMS when a cart is abandoned, with an offer to entice your customer back

  • Sends an SMS when a new product is added (to customers who have indicated their interest in this product or similar products)

  • Sends an SMS when an order is updated, changed, shipped or cancelled

  • Sends a postcard after a certain amount of time to say thank you for your order

Shopping Cart Alert

If you sell products and use Magento, you can access a direct integration with ClickSend to send your text message communications.

Add further productivity by integrating your payment gateway like Stripe to automate your payment and refund confirmations.

Some Popular Templates for eCommerce SMS Messages

Keep customers in the loop and satisfied with the following text message templates for your online store.

Online Store SMS for Order Confirmation

Hi {first name}, thanks for placing an order with us. We have received your order and are processing it now. You can find the details here: {link}. We'll send a message when your order ships. Kind regards, {Store owner}.

Text Message with Tracking Information

Hi {first name}, just a quick message to let you know that your order has shipped! Your tracking ID is {number} and it is being shipped with {courier}: {tracking link}. We hope you enjoy your new {product}!

New Stock SMS Notification for Online Stores

Hi {first name}, thank you for registering your interest in {product}. We have received a new shipment and your item is now in stock. You can buy at {link}.

Promotional Text Message for eCommerce

{Campaign name} flash sale! Enter {code} at the checkout to get {discount} off your order. Shop now: {link}.

Cart Abandonment SMS

Hi {first name}, we noticed you left items in your shopping cart. Complete your purchase today and get {discount} off your total order. To revisit your cart go to {link}.

Text Message with Feedback Request

Hi {first name}, we hope you enjoyed shopping with {shop name}. We would love your feedback! Please reply with 1 (terrible) to 10 (excellent).

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