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Examples of business text messages on a mobile handset: order confirmation, marketing and delivery SMS.

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Business messaging made easy. Send thousands of text messages anywhere in the world with the ClickSend Web to SMS service. No SMS software downloads required; sign up and be sending from dashboard or API within minutes.

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What is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS Gateway allows a computer to send and receive SMS messages to and from a mobile device. Via a telecommunications network. An SMS Gateway, at its simplest, is a website that allows you to send text messages to contact lists via a telecommunications provider. The SMS Gateway can then receive any replies. There are two main ways computers interact with SMS Gateways. Through an Online SMS Gateway via a website/dashboard or via an SMS Gateway API.

Phone with examples of marketing SMS including opt-out and transactional SMS notification

Marketing SMS

SMS Marketing is when businesses spread permission-based (Opt in) promotional messages by text. Examples of SMS Marketing are a restaurant promoting 50% off main meals on a specific night. A fashion store inviting you to a VIP night, a gym letting you know a new class is available. Most SMS Marketing is done via dashboard in the form of bulk SMS. All SMS Marketing messages must have an Opt-out function at the end of the message. Generally in the form of 'Reply STOP'

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is generally all business text messages that aren’t marketing or promotional.They are functional or informational text messages. About a product or service that a customer has engaged with. Examples of Transactional SMS are a dentist surgery reminding you of an appointment. An auto centre reminding you your car is due for a service. A delivery service saying a parcel is out for delivery. Transactional SMS messages can be consistent in their content and done at scale. So businesses will generally use an SMS Gateway API to automate the process. Transactional SMS messages are not required to have an opt-out message.

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Why Use the ClickSend SMS Gateway?

Your messages get delivered

Whether it’s a SMS marketing campaign or transactional SMS at scale via our SMS Gateway API you need to be confident your messages are being delivered. ClickSend provides that confidence by the use of direct routes and 100% Uptime SLA Guarantee.

It’s so easy to send your messages

The Online SMS Gateway dashboard is super simple to use. Whether a sole trader or a CMO, you will have campaigns launched in minutes. And the SMS Gateway API is loved by developers around the world for its documentation, client libraries and ease of use.

Handset with messages and keyword bubbles

SMS Keywords

Automate your SMS communications without losing personalisation. Use our autoresponder service to build an interactive experience, picking up on SMS keywords and responding automatically.

Reporting and analytics with bar chart and pie chart

Measure Success

Use the reporting tools to track how ClickSend is generating real business value. Monitor delivery performance and response rates via our super simple, yet advanced reporting and analytics.

Integration blocks with cog

Custom Integration

ClickSend can be integrated into pretty much any business system. Build powerful apps using the fastest and most reliable cloud communications APIs. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Standard Features Included

Standard Features Included

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    Reliable – 100% uptime SLA guarantee

  • Rescue Buoy Icon

    Amazing free 24/7 support

  • Gauge Icon

    Lightning fast message delivery

  • Rocket Icon

    High performance – 4800 messages per minute

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    Guaranteed delivery with Tier 1 networks

  • Globe Icon

    Send SMS online to all countries globally

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    Customise sender ID

  • Pie Graph Icon

    Real-time message status monitoring

  • Lock Icon

    Secure 256-bit SSL

  • Messages Icon

    Long 1224 character limit

  • Monitor Icon

    Access to our SMS portal

  • XLS Icon

    Upload from CSV or Excel file for bulk SMS campaigns

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    We automatically handle opt-outs for marketing campaigns

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    Free fixed number

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    Free replies

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    No setup fees

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    No hidden charges

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    Access to our online SMS software

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    Free low credit warning

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    Optional auto-topup

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    Free delivery reports

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    Free customisation

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    No setup required. Be up and running in minutes.

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    Flexible prepaid and postpaid payment options available


Free accounts and free advice. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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