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Streamline your printing process with the ClickSend print to post printer driver. Simply click print on any document and it will be sent to us for printing, enveloping and mailing to any address in the world.

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Online Letter Printer Driver: The Easiest Way to Post Mail

Print and send letters and documents directly from your computer or mobile device - it's as easy as sending a document to your office printer. This ClickSend printer driver gives you the ability to have documents printed, folded and mailed at the click of a button, using a real cloud printer. No more waiting for letters to be printed. No more envelope stuffing. No more Post Office queues.

What is a Print to Post Driver?

A printer driver is a piece of software used by applications to communicate with a printer, essentially by translating the document to be printed and print preferences into a language the printer uses and understands.

Our print to post printer driver allows your word processing software to communicate with the ClickSend cloud printer, enabling you to have documents sent electronically to us for printing. Once printed, our fully automated system folds the document, feeds it into an envelope, stamps and dispatches the letter.

If you are looking for a reliable web post service, place your trust in ClickSend! With free 24/7 support and a price beat guarantee, you can be confident that your letters are reaching your customers and/or suppliers.

Reasons To Use the ClickSend Print to Post Driver

Check out some of the reasons why our customers love our post service.

Contact us and find out just how much time and money you can save by using the ClickSend print to post letter printer.

It's So Simple To Send Post with the ClickSend Print to Post Driver

Step 2

Create a document in your favourite word processing application. Ensure you include the mailing address in the top left of the page. When you go to print choose the ClickSend Post printer in the dropdown.

Step 1

Open a ClickSend account visit Letters/Postcards within the dashboard and download and install your prefered printer driver in either Mac or Windows - all free to do!

Step 3

Sit back as our fully automated printing service prints, folds, envelopes and dispatches your mail! For complete piece of mind you can view your complete mail history via dashboard analytics.


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