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Business Continuity Planning

Ping! Spot issues early and keep your business running

Texting is a very direct way to reach people. Use it to keep everyone clued in about incidents straight away with our SMS or Email to SMS tools.

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Keep calm with business continuity text messaging

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Convert email alerts to SMS instantly

Turn crucial messages, like server alarms, into text messages automatically using Email to SMS. A staggering 98% of SMS are opened.

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Set it then forget it

A business continuity messaging system that's there when you need it. Add credit, set up simple automations, and kick back.

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When you're down, we've got your back

Automated BCM software you can depend on. Enjoy worldwide reach, 99.95% uptime, and enterprise-grade security.

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Example of email to SMS business continuity SMS

Switch email server alerts to automated text messages

Switch email server alerts to text messages in a jiffy with our built-in Email to SMS tool. We offer email text-to-speech voice calling too.

Or add automated server outages and critical bug SMS in your business continuity strategy. Link your business continuity planning software to ClickSend via our integrations or API.

Because when your system goes haywire, work grinds to a halt. Get your business back on track by firing off SMS straight to the Information Technology department.

Rally teams with business continuity text messaging

Solve incidents swiftly with SMS to remote teams. It takes seconds to reach everyone in your business continuity plan.

Texts are quick to compose and can be received by anyone with a mobile phone—no fancy gadgets required. Plus, you can receive responses right to the Dashboard and stay updated as things unfold. ClickSend is straightforward business continuity planning software that everyone can get the hang of.

Once you know the issue is being resolved, you can keep the entire team updated with one bulk SMS update.

Keep your customers in the loop

Minimise customer frustration and keep them in the loop when incidents impact them. Set SMS alerts to be delivered automatically on the device customers use the most.

Incorporate automatic SMS customer updates into your disaster recovery plan with our integrations. Or, create a custom solution via API.

Prepare for business continuity with ease

Easy to learn, reliable text messaging software so you have more time to master your plan.

Set up templates, customise placeholders, and save contact lists. Get your account prepped to reach the right groups with relevant messages—all through an easy-to-navigate Dashboard. Our 24/7 support team and SMS experts are here if you need a hand.

Confirm, chat and send auto-replies

Communicate quickly with your employees, customers, and stakeholders. And make sure they can respond just as swiftly.

Send confirmation messages, set up auto-replies, and engage in conversations with all your contacts, all in one place. Plus, replies are always on the house. It's a hassle-free way to ensure everyone is ok.

Create a business continuity messaging system that's raring to go, even when everything seems to be going up in flames.

Sync up text messaging with your customer relationship management, cloud monitoring services, and bug trackers like Jira. Establish unified communications, all through our integrations.

Put SMS to work with disaster recovery plan software

Don't leave people in the dark when disaster strikes. Add a reliable SMS alerts and notifications system to your disaster recovery plan with our disaster recovery plan software.

We can send up to 4,800 messages per minute. And with global coverage, our messages will reach their destination, even if your local internet takes a nosedive. With 99.95% uptime, our messages get delivered fast. No detours.

Use SMS to issue evacuation orders, emergency updates, safety instructions, or business continuity updates at lightning speed.

It’s simple to set-up reliable disaster recovery communications

Setting up your account in advance is a piece of cake, so you're ready to roll when an incident occurs.

You can effortlessly import contact lists. Create templates for different groups. Or, automate alerts to be sent as soon as events unfold. All of this is doable with a business continuity message system.

Create autoresponders from the Dashboard so people can confirm their safety via text. Plus, we'll assist you in establishing a dedicated number so your audience knows who's texting them and why.

With an API and integrations at your fingertips, our disaster recovery plan software adapts to your needs.

Set up business continuity text messaging

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