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SMS ordering and delivery notifications, the most efficient way to give your customers peace of mind.

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Ordering & Delivery Communications Solved

The use of text messaging can be applied to all facets of running a business, including ordering and delivery. This relates to ordering and deliveries between businesses, and also for ordering by and deliveries to consumers themselves. SMS ordering facilitates faster and more effective transmission and processing of business-to-business (B2B) orders as well as consumer orders, with ClickSend partnering with many eCommerce businesses.

Order Delivery Solved

Why Use SMS For Order And Delivery Notifications?

The instant method of keeping your customers informed of their orders and deliveries is by SMS

  • No junk folder to be lost in

  • Delivered in seconds

  • Read in minutes

  • Fully automated

  • Personalised

  • One-to-one

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Low Cost of Text Messages

Using an SMS gateway is the most cost efficient method of delivering transactional order and delivery communications. And by using the ClickSend API, or integrating via Zapier, you can completely automate your SMS order and delivery notifications making it even more cost effective. Visit our pricing page for more info.

High Penetration Of SMS

On average, email open rates are around 20-30%. While this might be slightly more for transactional emails, email simply cannot compete with the 98% open rate of SMS. Plus we guarantee delivery on SMS - something that just cannot be done with email due to spam filters and email deliverability.

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Send SMS

Simple To Set Up

Integrate SMS with your ordering software and automate your order and delivery messaging so you can set-and-forget; cutting down on staff resourcing. Visit our developer page for more info on our APIs. We also have email to SMS so if you need to send an ad hoc campaign, you can do it straight from your preferred medium and have it delivered to your client’s mobile handset.

An SMS gateway provides an instant communications tool for businesses of all kinds. There is no faster way to send vital order and delivery notifications to your customers than text message via an SMS gateway. SMS is also perfect to broadcast new campaigns, customer specials and deals or discounts, and it can be used to further enhance customer satisfaction (and hence grow your business) after a sale has been completed.

How ClickSend Can Be Used For SMS Ordering And Delivery Notifications

Order Generation Text Messaging

Have customers or clients raise orders through text message - it’s simple! Just set up your SMS keywords and your clients can place orders with minimal barriers to sale.

SMS keywords are perfect for ordering take away food, buying movie tickets, booking accommodation, medical or dental appointments, hairdressing and beauty salon appointments, tourist services and making restaurant reservations. Find out more about scheduling through text message automation.

Further, you can drive more out of your above-the-line advertising like billboards, bus stop signs, television, radio or shopping mall signage by directing customers to SMS. Have them send a message to your short code, allowing them to place orders as well as helping you to build out your marketing database.

Shared Delivery Notifications

SMS Order Updates

SMS is invaluable when it comes to delivery of customer orders. Consumers can find the entire delivery process frustrating; time must be taken out of their day to be present to accept a delivery, the timing of which is usually a mystery. Imagine how much more convenient it would be for consumers to receive an SMS at various points throughout the delivery process, allowing them to track their order and manage their time better. Once an order is generated, send pertinent information via text message to update your client and you can be sure that your message has reached. Keep your customers fully informed by sending payment confirmations, order details, delivery information or follow-up reminders for emails that may have gone unopened. This affords the client better chance to be present when the item is delivered and they will experience much higher levels of customer satisfaction. Your customers will reward you with repeat business and favourable word of mouth.

Furthermore, through an inexpensive investment in setting up text message alerts, you can cut down on customer support queries asking for information about orders and delivery. Your support staff will thank you.

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