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Text Messaging for Customer Support Agents

Did you know that more than 78% of consumers would like the option to communicate with businesses via text message?

Maybe part of the reason for this is because 86% of calls to businesses are placed on hold.

Text Messaging

Consumers are increasingly expecting their needs to be met more quickly as technology becomes more sophisticated. They can have a driver arrive in minutes, without having to flag down a taxi or make a call. Hungry? You can view full menus, make an order and have it delivered all from a mobile app. Millennials in particular have a reputation for being so averse to talking on the phone, it's described as an allergy. So be on the channels that your consumers expect you to be on and retain your customer satisfaction.

Why Use SMS For Alerts And Notifications?

Customer service and customer support are perhaps a business’ highest priority. Without customer satisfaction, a business enterprise of any kind will be doomed to fail. Word of mouth and social proof account for a lot of purchase decision making, especially in the digital age where everyone can voice their opinion in a public forum with a few keystrokes and clicks. Unfortunately, a bad review can torment a company for far longer than all the great reviews combined.

SMS Alerts

Facilitating customer support and service over as many channels as possible is simply good business practice. Many times, consumers are unavailable or unwilling to talk on the phone (particularly to make a complaint) and are not always present to be able to send or receive an email. This is where SMS customer service is invaluable.

SMS customer service is quite simple. Customers are able to send a simple text message to a specific and dedicated virtual number. An enquiry, feedback, or request for a support ticket will be received by the business and forwarded either to an email or help desk system where it can subsequently be addressed and actioned.

Benefits Of Customer SMS Interaction

Send SMS

Greater Feedback

Feedback may be given or support sought anytime, anywhere. No need to be at a computer - send and receive responses wherever you are, straight to your handset.

Greater Choice

Given a growing disdain for calling customer support lines and having to negotiate a frustrating phone menu. Enhance your customer relations and increase customer satisfaction by being available on the channels your customers prefer.

Send SMS
Send SMS

Greater Integration

ClickSend plays nice with others. ClickSend has several direct integrations, including one with Zendesk, so you can receive your support tickets instantly and alert your users when support tickets are updated. ClickSend also has the ability to integrate with hundreds of apps through Zapier. Learn more about integrating your customer support.

Uses Of SMS For Your Customers

There are endless uses of SMS as a tool to improve customer support, not solely for customers who have reached out for help but to minimise future enquiries. Some of the most popular uses of SMS that our clients use the ClickSend platform include:

  • Reminders for medical appointments
  • Notification that a taxi has arrived
  • Advice from school that an excursion bus is returning late
  • Change of venue notifications
  • Updates to meeting agendas
  • Confirmations for bookings
  • Acknowledgement of payments received
  • Notification that goods have been posted
  • Delivery advice

It is estimated that ninety percent of SMS messages are read within a few minutes of receipt; this is far higher than for email or any other messaging mode. Response rate is maximised with SMS as well. The vast majority of consumers own and use a mobile phone on a daily basis.

Simplify life for your business and also for your customers, and invest in personalised SMS to customers and SMS customer service and support. Consumers, on the whole, far prefer this mode of communication to email and telephoning – and happy customers equal a successful business.

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