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One of the most frustrating and challenging things any ecommerce business owner must face is credit card fraud. More and more monetary transactions are undertaken purely online, via email or online payment gateways, and emails are commonly the primary verification method for user accounts and transactions within a business owner’s system. Hackers and scammers find it very simple to use false information and stolen credit card details to make transactions on their own behalf which are untraceable. The end result is not only inconvenience to the unsuspecting victim of the identity and credit card theft, but also revenue losses and bad credit ratings with merchant account suppliers due to charge backs on the part of the business.

This is where SMS authentication is critical. It is a mode by which an SMS verification service is used by a business entity to verify customers’ identities online. It works because mobile phone numbers are much more difficult for scammers to acquire and to link with other stolen details. Not only are vendors and consumers protected from fraud; vendors also know better exactly who is utilising their services.

SMS authentication and SMS verification systems use two factor authentication. Also referred to as multi factor authentication or 2FA, it is an extra level of security which asks users to provide another piece of information over and above standard methods of access for accessing accounts, making payments, and much more. An example would be when one makes an appointment online for a medical centre visit, and prior to the completion of the booking, the customer must insert a unique code which has been sent to their mobile phone.

Two factor authentication uses one time passwords. This is a far more secure method of operating than using user-generated passwords, which are rarely strong and are often the same for every account the user has. One time passwords are unique for each user and each transaction or login session; they can’t be stolen and used again at a later time.

Why Use SMS Authentication?

  • Almost everyone has a mobile phone with them at all times
  • SMS is easy to use
  • No requirement for hardware installation by vendor or software installation by consumer
  • Access anytime and anywhere
  • Distribute codes immediately
  • Reduced costs and administration requirements
  • Works independently of device type

Enhance the security processed within your business, and install an SMS Verification System today for the benefit of your customers as well as your bottom line.


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