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Communicate with your customers and staff like never before via SMS, Email, Rich Media, Direct Mail and more.

From single to scale by web app or API.

Or if you're a developer read our API docs.

Simple, Reliable Messaging Products for Every Business

At ClickSend we create products that are easy to use and highly integratable providing choice and context for your business communications. Our multi-channel products are used by some of the biggest brands and smartest developers across the United States and the world. Whether it’s transactional SMS messages at scale via API or multi-channel marketing campaigns using SMS, Email and Direct Mail via web app, ClickSend helps you get and stay closer to your customers and staff.

Send, Receive & Track SMS
Messages Worldwide Right chevron icon
Send, Receive & Track SMS Messages Worldwide

Send and receive text messages the United States and around the globe. From a few to a few million via dashboard or API always through direct routes.

  • SMS marketing
  • SMS blasts
  • Alerts and notifications

MMS Messaging Service Right chevron icon MMS Messaging Service

Sometimes you need more than words and our MMS messaging service enables you to add multimedia content to your business messages.

  • Access up to 1,600 characters
  • Include images and sound
  • Track your MMS campaigns

Rich Messaging Right chevron icon Rich Messaging

Create and send rich multimedia experiences or engage in real-time conversations by RCS or Messaging Apps. Be an early adopter with us at ClickSend.

  • Rich Communication Service
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Business

Voice Gateway Right chevron icon Voice Gateway

Instead of the recipient receiving an SMS, the text is converted to speech. The recipient's phone is called, and when answered, the message is spoken out.

  • Multiple languages
  • Male and Female voices
  • Reach landlines as well as mobiles

Email Gateway Right chevron icon Email Gateway

Transactional Email APIs built with developers in mind enabling you to send, receive, and track emails.

  • SDK library and API docs
  • Super reliable SMTP server
  • Proven deliverability

Fax Gateway Right chevron icon Fax Gateway

Send and receive fax messages online, globally. Fax more securely anywhere from any device via a real cloud fax machine.

  • Online fax
  • Email to fax
  • Fax API

Online Mail Right chevron icon Online Mail

Send letters or postcards at any volume to anywhere in the world with a few clicks. Or automate your direct mail with on-demand triggers using ClickSend’s APIs or via integration partners.

  • Automated Direct Mail
  • Email to Mail
  • Direct Mail API
  • Print to Mail Driver

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses, People and Integration Partners

Via a Simple,
Easy-to-Use Dashboard

One Dashboard,
Unlimited Possibilities

With ClickSend’s user friendly dashboard it’s easy to send SMS, MMS, Direct Mail campaigns and more in just a few clicks.

Through Trusted APIs Or Through Trusted APIs

        var api = require('./api.js');

        var smsApi = new api.SMSApi("USERNAME", "API_KEY");

        var smsMessage = new api.SmsMessage();

        smsMessage.source = "sdk"; = "+0451111111";
        smsMessage.body = "test message";

        var smsCollection = new api.SmsMessageCollection();

        smsCollection.messages = [smsMessage];

        smsApi.smsSendPost(smsCollection).then(function(response) {
        from __future__ import print_function
        import clicksend_client
        from clicksend_client import SmsMessage
        from import ApiException

        # Configure HTTP basic authorization: BasicAuth
        configuration = clicksend_client.Configuration()
        configuration.username = 'USERNAME'
        configuration.password = 'API_KEY'

        # create an instance of the API class
        api_instance = clicksend_client.SMSApi(clicksend_client.ApiClient(configuration))

        # If you want to explicitly set from, add the key _from to the message.
        sms_message = SmsMessage(source="php",
                                body="Jelly liquorice marshmallow candy carrot cake 4Eyffjs1vL.",

        sms_messages = clicksend_client.SmsMessageCollection(messages=[sms_message])

            # Send sms message(s)
            api_response = api_instance.sms_send_post(sms_messages)
        except ApiException as e:
            print("Exception when calling SMSApi->sms_send_post: %s\n" % e)
        package ClickSend;

        import java.util.Arrays;
        import java.util.List;
        import ClickSend.Api.SmsApi;
        import ClickSend.Model.SmsMessage;
        import ClickSend.Model.SmsMessageCollection;

        public class send_sms {
            public static void main(String[] args) {
                ApiClient defaultClient = new ApiClient();
                SmsApi apiInstance = new SmsApi(defaultClient);

                SmsMessage smsMessage = new SmsMessage();

                List<SmsMessage> smsMessageList = Arrays.asList(smsMessage);
                // SmsMessageCollection | SmsMessageCollection model
                SmsMessageCollection smsMessages = new SmsMessageCollection();
                try {
                    String result = apiInstance.smsSendPost(smsMessages);
                } catch (ApiException e) {
                    System.err.println("Exception when calling SmsApi#smsSendPost");
        using IO.ClickSend.ClickSend.Api;
        using IO.ClickSend.Client;
        using IO.ClickSend.ClickSend.Model;

        var configuration = new Configuration()
            Username = USERNAME, 
            Password = API_KEY  
        var smsApi = new SMSApi(configuration);

        var listOfSms = new List<SmsMessage>
            new SmsMessage(
                to: "+61411111111", 
                body: "test message", 
                source: "sdk"

        var smsCollection = new SmsMessageCollection(listOfSms);
        var response = smsApi.SmsSendPost(smsCollection);
            require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

            // Configure HTTP basic authorization: BasicAuth
            $config = ClickSend\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()

            $apiInstance = new ClickSend\Api\SMSApi(new GuzzleHttp\Client(),$config);
            $msg = new \ClickSend\Model\SmsMessage();
            $msg->setBody("test body"); 

            // \ClickSend\Model\SmsMessageCollection | SmsMessageCollection model
            $sms_messages = new \ClickSend\Model\SmsMessageCollection(); 

            try {
                $result = $apiInstance->smsSendPost($sms_messages);
            } catch (Exception $e) {
                echo 'Exception when calling SMSApi->smsSendPost: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;
        # load the gem
        require 'clicksend_client'
        require 'json'

        # setup authorization
        ClickSendClient.configure do |config|
            # Configure HTTP basic authorization: BasicAuth
            config.username = 'USERNAME'
            config.password = 'API_KEY'

        api_instance =

        # SmsMessageCollection | SmsMessageCollection model
        sms_messages =

        sms_messages.messages = [
                "to": "+61411111111",
                "source": "sdk",
                "body": "body"
                "to": "+61422222222",
                "source": "sdk",
                "body": "body"

            # Send sms message(s)
            result = api_instance.sms_send_post(sms_messages)
            p JSON.parse(result)
        rescue ClickSendClient::ApiError => e
            puts "Exception when calling SMSApi->sms_send_post: #{e.response_body}"
        import Alamofire

        if let authHeader = Request.authorizationHeader(user: "USERNAME", password: "PASSWORD") {
            ClickSendClientAPI.customHeaders = [authHeader.key : authHeader.value]

        let message1 = SmsMessage(body: "Chocolate bar icing icing oat cake carrot cake jelly cotton MWEvciEPIr.", 
                                to: "+0451111111", 
                                source: "swift")

        let message2 = SmsMessage(body: "Chocolate bar icing icing oat cake carrot cake jelly cotton MWEvciEPIr.", 
                                source: "swift", 
                                listId: 1234)

        let smsCollection = SmsMessageCollection(messages: [message1, message2])
        SMSAPI.smsSendPost(smsMessages: smsCollection) { (dataString, error) in

            guard let dataString = dataString else {

            if let data = String.Encoding.utf8) {
                do {
                    if let dictonary = try (JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: []) as? NSDictionary) {
                    } else {
                        print("bad json")
                } catch let error as NSError {

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