ClickSend Perth office team Christmas function ClickSend Perth office team Christmas function

Hi, we're ClickSend

Business Communications Software Company

ClickSend builds communication software and tools for businesses.

We offer SMS, MMS, Voice, Email, Online Mail and even Fax. All accessed via our Dashboard, app, flexible API or integration.

Helpful 24/7 support. Lightning fast delivery. Secure and reliable. You click, we send. It's that simple.

That's why ClickSend is business communications, solved.

90,000+ clients love our
software and tools

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Our products

ClickSend's SMS, MMS, Voice, Online Mail, Email and Fax products are used by some of the most trusted brands, businesses and developers in the United States and around the world.

Our communications and messaging tools are simple to use, automate and integrate.

And they support global sending with 232+ direct carrier connections. Because, all businesses deserve less set-up and more scale.

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What we do

Built for all

Marketers to developers, small business to enterprise — our tools and software are built to scale.

Made for multi-channel

Send SMS, Email, Online Mail and even Fax. Reach customers on their preferred channel, all from one platform.

Serve the people

With a 24/7 support team — we're always-on for our customers.

Partner up

ClickSend integrates with hundreds of other apps and software so businesses can add our communications tools to their tech stack.

Go global

From messaging to letters, our software supports rapid and reliable sending around the globe.

ClickSend milestones including birth and first account in 2013, acquisition by MessageMedia in 2019, acquisition by the Sinch Group in 2022 and 400,000 user accounts hit in 2023.

Our history

ClickSend began in the birthplace of start-ups, a garage. ClickSend's founder, Matt Larner, started building the company in 2013 after he noticed a gap in the business communication software market.

Matt started by building the kind of product he wanted to use. And, he ended up building something that customers love too.

From day one, ClickSend has been focused on product innovation, customer support and quality of service. Now, we're proud to employ over 100 people across four continents (and growing).

In 2019, MessageMedia bought ClickSend. And, together we joined the Sinch Group in 2022.

“We've always thought about what the customer would want. And, we'll always be product-led. Which means we've built a product and team that works well — no blockers, no hurdles. Just good support and happy customers”.

Matt Larner, Founder

World map pointing to offices in Australia, USA, United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Where we work

ClickSend has been growing fast over the past decade. We help customers send messages from 190+ countries. Our talented team makes it happen from across the globe.

Born out of Perth, Western Australia, we work closely with the MessageMedia team in Melbourne, and the Sinch team in Stockholm. And vital members of our team are in the United States, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

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Integration partners

We love integrating with other software. Whether it's with our hundreds of software partners or a bespoke build using our API.

Let's build, solve problems, and share our solutions. So, we can create better communications tools for businesses around the world.

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