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Lead Nurturing Communications Solved

The mobile channel is such an important factor in marketing media; SMS messaging is the world’s most widely utilised data application and communication channel. These days, people increasingly send a text instead of voice calling, emailing, or traditional mailing.

Marketing and lead management text messaging, when used mindfully, can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Unlike with postal campaigns, telemarketing calls, and emails, when somebody receives a text message, the expectation is that it will be a communication that is personal in nature.

Lead Management Nurturing

Effective SMS Marketing Services allow businesses to send out sale alerts and other broadcasts to customers, ensuring that executing a marketing campaign is smooth and streamlined. These alerts, if cleverly composed, individually personalised, and effectively timed may make the difference between a successful sale and a decline to participate on the part of the consumer.

Why SMS Marketing Services Can Work For Your Business

Generate Continuous, Repeat Business with SMS

Schedule marketing campaigns and set up automatic bulk delivery of your campaign, complete with personalisation and have your messages sent instantly. With text messaging, you know that the message will be read - with 98% open rate and no spam filters to contend with, SMS is the way to maximise your reach easily.

SMS Marketing For Business

If you sell a business-to-business (B2B) product and rely on your networking, further personalise your lead nurturing messages and write as if you’re messaging your friend but include a link to your schedule:

SMS Marketing For Business

You can be sure that decision makers are more likely to keep coming back for more if you maintain a great relationship through your lead management strategy with lead management SMS.

Completely Automate Your Marketing SMS Communications

Use SMS keywords and an autoresponder to send marketing campaigns and allow potential customers to have a two-way conversation with your business.

Or even send triggered messages depending on how far down the sales funnel your customer is. As well as broadcasting campaigns, discounts and special offers, it can be utilised to determine customer satisfaction after a sale has been processed; prompt customer participation through surveys or questionnaires.

SMS Marketing For Business

ClickSend Makes SMS Sending Simple

With custom placeholders so you can personalise your marketing messages, real time data for monitoring delivery and clicks and managing opt-outs in compliance with spam laws, ClickSend makes sending text messages seamless to your operations. Text message marketing in New Zealand is the superior instant marketing tool. It is a cost effective way for a business to:

  • Advise a product is ready for dispatch or collection

  • Provide tracking information for a delivery

  • Advise a service has been completed

  • Advise of new stock arrivals

  • Remind invoice is due for payment

  • Alert customer to arrival times for service call

Sending Simple

Partner with ClickSend to gain access to a premium SMS marketing service at the best value. With high throughput and a 99.95% uptime SLA guarantee, you know you can trust us to get your message to your leads and clients when you need them to. With a premium service for SMS marketing internationally, your business can target your campaign to your recipients, with each message personalised for individual recipients. It can be automated and used stand alone or easily integrated into your existing software. Take advantage of this superior marketing method for your business today.

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