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Send targeted messages whenever your customers complete an action by integrating with the ClickSend Transactional Email API.

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Send your informational emails programmatically through the ClickSend transactional email API. With ClickSend it's super easy, should you want to set and forget your recurring messaging.

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At ClickSend, we are experts in sending email. We ensure that we maintain a strong email reputation to protect our high deliverability rates. This means your emails reach the maximum number of recipients from your contact list.
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Scale to any size globally with our custom-built mail transfer agent; fully supported by a redundant, self-hosted infrastructure.
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View and track the delivery success, open rate and click-through of each email campaign individually with our analytics and reporting tools.
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Send email with confidence, knowing that you can rely on our infrastructure, even should there be a major internet outage.

What Is Transactional Email?

Transactional emails, also known as triggered emails, are automated emails sent after a particular action or transaction has been performed. Transactional messages tend to have high open rates because they often contain information that the recipient needs to read and are personalized. Experian found they receive “8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6x more revenue”. Transactional emails are sent through an SMTP relay or programmatically through APIs.

Examples of transactional emails are; cart abandonment, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, customer feedback, password resets. Transactional emails help you sell, upsell and boost engagement and are fully automated.

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Reasons To Use the ClickSend API For Your Transactional Email Messaging

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Super Reliable SMTP Server
Count on ClickSend to send your transactional emails fast and reliably. With our 99.95% Uptime SLA Guarantee and robust infrastructure, you can send mass transactional email with complete confidence. ClickSend has global expertise in the bulk email industry. With our high deliverability rates you can send transactional email and marketing email with confidence, knowing that your message will reach inboxes with ease.
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Outstanding Results
With ClickSend's robust SMTP server your emails get delivered and delivered emails get opened. Send transactional email and automate your communications and see your engagement rates soar - 8x more engagement than any other type of email.
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Seamless API Integration
Integrate with ease with our comprehensive SDK library and API documentation. Built for developers, by developers, we know how to play nice with hundreds of other platforms. Sign up now to access your API key.

How Are Transactional Emails Used?

Transactional emails tend to be informational in nature. Examples of transactional email messages include:

How Are Transactional Emails Used?

Password Resets and Two-Factor Authentication

Transactional email is an important tool for account security messages, including password reset emails and email two-factor authentication.

Make it effortless for your customers to sign-up to an account secured by two-factor authentication or to request a new password.

Did you know you can also use the ClickSend transactional SMS service to give your contacts the option to be contacted by SMS? Check out our transactional SMS API.

Order Confirmations and Shipping Updates

Let's face it - it's impossible to scale your business if you have to send out a unique email to every customer confirming their purchase and giving updates for order dispatch, shipping and delivery. Utilize the ClickSend transactional email API to populate unique order data for each transaction and automate all of your transaction and order communications.

How Are Transactional Emails Used?
How Are Transactional Emails Used?

Welcome Emails - Account Creation

Automate your account creation/activation messages, welcome/onboarding messages through our transactional email API, or rely on our Bulk Email Service to send transactional email blasts to notify your clients and suppliers of important changes that may affect them. This include changes to terms of use/terms of service, privacy policies or information around change of management or ownership.


Get in contact with ClickSend today and access our transactional email API and find out how easy it is to integrate your transactional messaging.

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