SMS for the Automotive Industry

Text Messaging for the Automotive Industry

Dramatically improve customer experience when buying, selling or servicing cars by using SMS.

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SMS for Car Dealerships, Repairs and Suppliers

It's reported that 37% of prospective car buyers want to hear from dealerships via SMS. Nearly 50% expect to hear from their dealership after purchase and the most personal effective and efficient way to do this is by SMS.

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Example of Car Dealership Marketing MMS

And it could be yours. Book an exclusive test drive today.

The 300 SRT Racer is here! This unique car is now @ Wellard Krysler. VERY limited stock, only 50 in Oz. Call 55503141 or visit

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SMS for car sales

Good morning, as a valued customer we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and kindly remind you that your Racer is due for its scheduled service in December. To book your service please contact our Service Department on 555 5888 during the hours of 8am to 5pm weekdays. Kind Regards Mandurah Racer Dealer.

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SMS for car servicing

SMS for the automotive industry can be used as an affordable and convenient way for dealerships to generate buzz and foot traffic that can turn into new leads for auto sales. It can also be used for customer relationship management by post-sales check-ups and service reminders. SMS is perfect for car dealerships to manage the customer throughout their lifecycle.

Partner with ClickSend and see just how SMS will take your business to the next level, whether you are the owner of a car dealership, a sales representative, a mobile mechanic, a car detailer, a specialist technician, work for a service centre or sell specialist parts.

Benefits of SMS for the Automotive Industry

Just some of the ways the industry is benefitting from SMS

Mobile Handset with Car Promotional Messaging

Promotional messaging that actually gets read and responded to

New year stock, old plate clearance, new model, EOFY sale, used inventory that needs shifting. Whatever the promotional campaign, you want maximum exposure of your messaging and one of the most effective and efficient methods is via SMS. With 98% open rates and 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes an SMS blast to your database of leads is an absolute must for any promotional campaign. Text message marketing for car dealerships works.

  • Send beautiful vehicle images via MMS.

  • Send downloadable brochures.

  • Dropping the price on a model? Do a quick SMS blast to your database - the message will get read!

  • Use open ended questions to elicit direct responses to your phone or any number, or platform, you set.

Maintain and grow relationships, easily

Not only can leads take a bit of nurturing within the sales cycle of car purchasing/upgrading, but you want to get those closed deals using your service centre. SMS is perfect for lead nurturing and aftersales servicing and can be fully automated. Including automating your replies with SMS keyword auto-responders.

  • Send a personalized SMS after a sale asking how everything is going. It’s much nicer than an email that won't get read.

  • Send automated service appointment reminders.

  • Confirm test drives, and allow rescheduling, by SMS - reduce those no-shows!

  • Notify customers of vehicle collection times.

  • A defective product recall? An SMS blast is the best way to reach people quickly.

Ways to send Automotive SMS easily from our dashboard

Some Favorite SMS Templates for the Automotive Industry

Generate more sales and custom with messaging that actually gets read (and gets responses).

Test Drive Appointment Reminder

Hi {first name}, just confirming that you can still make our test drive appointment on {date} at {time}. Please reply with YES to confirm or NO to cancel. Thanks {car dealership}

Quote Request

Hi {first name} thanks for requesting a quote. A copy has been emailed but you can also download a copy here [Add Short URL]. Thanks for the interest and we hope to see you soon {dealer name}.

Service Reminder

{Car dealership} service reminder: {car registration} is due for service. You can book online here [Add Short URL] or call {service centre number}.

Quick SMS Promotion

Hey {name}, are you still looking to buy a {car brand}? Well we can offer you $5,000 off by showing this text to {car dealership}. We can only keep this offer open until {date}.

Scheduled Promotion

It's {campaign name} time again at {car dealership} and we're running out stock at up to 40% off sticker price. Book a test drive on anything today [Add Short URL]. Be quick as promotion ends {date}.

After Sales Follow Up

Hi {name}, it's {agents name} here at {dealer name} how are you enjoying your new {car model}? Don’t forget to take it nice and easy up until your first service on {date} and come and say hello to me when you're in for that first service.

SMS automotive solutions exist to enhance your business, improving your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your business and your profitability.

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Automotive postcard example - back and front

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