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Say Hello To Rich Business Messaging

Millions of businesses rely on SMS to communicate and engage with customers and staff; verification codes, PIN and password reminders, banking card fraud alerts and marketing messages are examples. SMS has always been great, but it is text only with character limitations.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) brings SMS into the modern smartphone age with branding, rich media, interactivity, chatbots and analytics. With RCS, businesses can bring fully immersive and interactive branded experiences, right to the default messaging app.

RCS business messaging is what SMS should be in this age of highly interactive, rich media messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage. The beauty is that you don't have to download an app or log-in to anything.

What Is RCS - Rich Communications Service?

Rich Communication Services (RCS), like the short message service (SMS), is a communication protocol between mobile phones and mobile networks. Unlike SMS, which is text based and character restricted, RCS offers all the rich functionality you expect in messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger yet using your phone’s native messaging app (what you use for SMS). So without having to sign up to a social network or download an app you will have the ability to send and receive full multimedia content; hi-res photos, videos, audio messages plus lots of other features and actions like mapping directions, location sharing, typing indicators, group chat, all via your existing phone number.

What RCS Means To Businesses

The potential for RCS to enhance and positively transform your business for greater success and growth is virtually unlimited.

With the same reach and cut-through as SMS (consider that five billion people worldwide use SMS; in excess of 90% of texts are opened promptly and 98% are actually read), RCS business messaging offers a brand-new level of B2C and B2B engagement.

The RCS business messaging standard brings sophisticated, app-like functionality straight to SMS inboxes, without any additional software. Market research has demonstrated that most consumers prefer to use RCS action buttons over keyword-based, typed responses.

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS systems, your business can communicate with consumers in the moments that matter in a way that's meaningful.

Why Businesses Will Love RCS

  • Branding and business verification - Create fully branded experiences that customers trust
  • Suggested replies and one-touch actions - Help customers take the next step with suggested replies and one-touch actions to simplify and automate complex processes
  • Rich card carousels - Engage customers with rich media cards and carousels
  • Advanced functionality - geolocation, star ratings, calendar and third-party integrations
  • Rich media content – hi-resolution images, audio, video and animations to really help ‘sell’ your product or service

Why Your Customers And Staff Will Love RCS

  • Buttons; being able to press a nice big button to confirm or cancel something rather then having to type YES or NO
  • Video; viewing a video of a product or service (or film) you’re interested in as opposed to clicking on a link
  • Appointment confirmations delivered with an interactive map and directions
  • Payment; paying bill notifications and reminders with a few clicks without having to open an app or web browser
  • Tickets and boarding passes; receive QR and barcodes that work directly to your phone without downloading PDFs

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