Send SMS from Outlook with ClickSend.

With our outlook sms plugin you can send sms from outlook accounts and reach staff or customers on the road!

Send SMS for outlook on your desktop, laptop or tablet. ClickSend’s developed outlook sms plugin makes communicating with your staff or customers easy and doable from your desk. With this simple plugin, sending an SMS from your desk is as easy as sending an email. This solution is perfect for those who rely on email as their primary method of communication as it allows for you to communicate through a different medium as the one you are using. Catch your customers or colleagues on the run with ClickSend’s Outlook to SMS plugin.

Send SMS from Outlook

Easily send SMS from outlook using our plugin. The plugin adds a ‘Send SMS’ button to Microsoft Outlook.

Return SMS to your Email

Don’t just talk at your customers, talk with them. With no software installation required, it has never been easier to communicate with your customers or colleagues on the road.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Our outlook sms plugin allows you to keep doing what you have always done, with better results! Send SMS from Outlook like you would send a regular email.

How it Works

Step 1

Install the ClickSend Outlook sms plugin.

Step 2

Write, edit, save and send a message directly to a mobile phone number!

Step 3

Have return SMS be rerouted directly to your email Inbox.


Get in contact with ClickSend today to find out how easy it is to send SMS from Outlook accounts! The ClickSend Outlook SMS plug in can save you time and allow you to communicate better with your customers.