Concealed Pin Number Letters

Send a pin code in a letter using our secured tamper proof window letter service.

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How To Send A Pin Number Securely Via A Letter In The Mail

The ClickSend concealed pin number letter service allows you to send custom sensitive or personal information such as PIN or PUK numbers via the mail. It is a product that allows you to produce highly secure information that cannot be used by anyone other than the designated customer without the user being aware of the breach. Data is printed directly on to the top layer of the ‘tab’ and the black, patterned background area ensures the PIN or PUK number cannot be read without pulling the tab and visibly defacing the document. When ready to use the tab is peeled back and removed, the tab is then placed onto white paper to see the code.

Applications include PIN information for financial documents, PUK or PUC codes for mobile phones or general password data that needs to be sent.

How It Works

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Step 1

Generate a secure pin number, string or code to be mailed along with a custom template.

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Step 2

Send it via our API.

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Step 3

We automatically print, fold, insert into an envelope and post it anywhere in the world. Track your mail online.

There Are 3 Solutions That We Offer

1. Secure Pin Code Tab

A personal identification number can be sent to a user in a letter. The darkened paper flap prevents the number from being read by holding the unopened envelope to the light.

Peeling off and viewing concealed PIN window in 6 pictures

2. Security Envelope

Send your document securely using a security envelope. Security tint envelopes are a paper product designed for sending sensitive information through the mail. They are most often used for financial documents, personal information like medical records, checks, government correspondence and anything else the sender or receiver wants to protect from unwanted viewing.

Unique tamper-evident security seal. Once opened, OPEN VOID appears creating an unrecoverable mark. Ideal for sending confidential documents such as cheques, evidence or classified information.

Picture of security envelopes from Chase Bank

3. Concealed Security Square Method

This is a quick, low cost option to conceal an area that contains a pin code or password. A black area is printed on the paper so that when the paper is folded into an envelope, it covers the pin or password at the back and front. This is to prevent people viewing the pin when holding the envelope up to the light.

It’s a similar concept to option 1, but has a much lower cost.

Diagram showing secure PIN letter folding

Reasons To Use ClickSend To Send Your Secure Pin Codes Via The Mail.

  • Mail to a wide range of customers via the same communication channel.
  • Highly secure tamper proof window to conceal the pin.
  • Low cost, high volume service to post pin numbers via the mail.
  • Global coverage.


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