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Send SMS online and forget the handset

Text messaging doesn't have to be tedious.
Send SMS from your computer and reach more people. All without picking up your handset.
Free 14-day trial

No card details needed.

Free 14-day trial

No card details needed.

Powered by the 2023 Best Value SMS Gateway on SMS Comparison Australia. 5 Stars Icon
Powered by the 2023 Best Value SMS Gateway on SMS Comparison Australia. 5 Stars Icon
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It’s easy to send SMS online with web texting

Move on from manual texting. Send text messages online and receive replies. Speed up communication with customers, clients and staff and bank some serious time savings along the way.

You can message thousands of people at once with bulk SMS. Schedule SMS campaigns. Or, have quick-fire 1-on-1 chats with the people that matter. It’s easy to send SMS online.

Send SMS online to get the good stuff

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Less admin. Faster connections.

Speed up communications whether you're messaging one person or thousands. Enjoy all the benefits of SMS without the hassle.

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No strings attached

Enjoy free credit first. Add payment details later. Your first messages are on us, so you can explore web texting. No commitments.

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Get online SMS support, 24/7

Get your web SMS questions answered by experts, any time of day. Our live chat never closes so help is always close by.

Ready to try text messaging online?

Over 90,000 businesses in Australia and around the world send text messages with us. You’re in good company. Send SMS online with a free trial.

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No card details needed.

How your team can use our web-based SMS service

Create templates, rules and personalise messages to keep everyone on the same page. Whether you’re using web SMS for customer service, sales, instant updates or more.

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Make more sales

Reach more customers in your next marketing campaign via online SMS. With a 98% open rate and 35% click-through rate — SMS leaves email in the dust. Send unmissable campaigns with a web-based SMS service. Get started with SMS marketing.

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Keep everyone updated

Keep customers updated every step of the way, without lifting a finger. Automated SMS notifications are perfect for ordering and delivery, appointment reminders and scheduling, or even team updates. Don’t wait, automate.

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Speedy customer service

Want to speed up text conversations with customers, clients and staff? SMS Messenger is our simple two-way text messaging tool. Manage all SMS conversations in one inbox and stay on top of inbound messages, with no fuss.

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Send SMS online in three steps with an online SMS service

Want to send a text message online? It’s easy — sign up for a free trial and you’ll score credit to explore web SMS.

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Sign into the Dashboard and navigate to SMS Campaign.

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Write your message. Add short links and personalise using our tools.

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Send and track your message delivery in the Dashboard.

Web texting FAQs

Can I send an SMS online?

You sure can. Send SMS online from your web browser or our convenient app. With web texting, no special software is required. Just sign up to an online SMS service like ours, and you're ready to send text messages online.

You can also send SMS online using our integrations and our API (if you're more technically minded).

How can I send SMS through the Internet?

It's easy once you sign up for an SMS service with a free trial, like ours. Once you have an account, just log in, upload your contact list and compose your message. Then all that's left is to click send.

Can a text be sent without a phone number?

You can send a message without a traditional mobile number (like the one you have for your handset).

You can use one of our number options instead. You can send messages from a free shared number or a dedicated number for a small monthly fee.

We also offer sending from business names, short codes and long codes. Some customers choose to send messages from their personal numbers too.

How can I send text messages online, no registration required?

To use an SMS service, you’ll usually need to set up an account and there are some registration steps involved. However, with ClickSend you can set up your account quickly and easily. We make this process as painless as possible.

Setting up an account is important. It helps web-based SMS services verify your business. It's how we support phone carriers and networks to protect customers from spam messages and phishing.

Can you send text messages from your computer?

Yes, you can send text messages to any valid phone number through a web texting platform like ClickSend. Whether you’re messaging people in Australia or around the world, you can quickly and easily send text messages from your computer.

Once you have an account with a web-based SMS service, just open your browser, log in and start sending.

What does web texting mean?

Web texting is sending and receiving text messages using the internet and an online platform, rather than relying on traditional mobile networks. It allows users to send text messages using their computers, tablets, or other internet-connected devices.

Web texting uses a web-based SMS service, like ClickSend. These platforms allow you to send SMS online safely and securely. You can message thousands of people at once, personalise texts, add short links, send images and so much more.

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