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Productivity Hacking with SMS Automations For Sales And Afterservice

Automation and artificial intelligence is the way of the future; in many ways it has become more visible with self-parking cars and smart home products. Make technology work for you, shave hours off your tasks by automating the regular or transactional messaging you would usually send through SMS Automation Software.

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Sales and customer service are intrinsically linked, and automated text messaging can be utilised to full effect to both generate and complete sales, as well as to facilitate optimised customer service for superior customer satisfaction. Not only does triggered SMS allow for immediate communication between leads and sales but vendor and consumer; it also offers an effective channel for sales automation – which benefits both parties.

Why Use SMS Automation For Sales

They say anything that involves the same steps repeated over and over again should be something you can automate. Think about the transactional communications you send regularly and how you could automate:

  • Reminders to clients when their service is due for repayment

  • Notifying your customers that their item is ready for collection

  • Letting your customers know their product is on its way

  • Invoice payment reminders

  • Appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

  • Broadcast discounts and special offers

  • Encouraging participation in surveys and competitions

  • Notifying your client database of the arrival of new or ordered stock

  • Follow ups for customer feedback

  • Prospect and lead scoring

Via API or integrations through Zapier, you can connect SMS to your CRM, your website, your marketing automation software, your email marketing software, spreadsheets - pretty much anything.

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Use SMS Automation For Text Message Marketing

Build Your Contact List

Use your existing outdoor, television, radio or other media to build your SMS contact list with SMS keyword automation and an enticing offer. Here are some examples:

  • Real estate signs: Text (Street Name) to 123567 to arrange a viewing.

  • Food packaging: Want free food? Text FRIES or SUNDAE to 234678 for your free fries or sundae with your next meal.

  • Retail store merchandising: Get 10% off this item. Wanna know how? Text DISCOUNT to 781345 for your coupon.

Then ensure you use an autoresponder to give the relevant information once a contact has texted to opt in.

Surveys and NPS

Want to get a temperature check on what your people are thinking about your brand? Not getting a high enough response rate on the NPS surveys you send by email? Or attempted calling people with surveys only to be shut down? Give automated SMS surveys a shot.

In many ways text message is a much better format for surveys - they’re less intrusive than a phone call, people can respond in their own time and the open rates far surpass email open rates. While email opens tend to be around 20-30%, you know that your message will be seen with text message, given their 98% open rate.

Shared Sales Automation Surveys
Shared Sales Automation Surveys
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Automatic Stock Level Alerts

Do you offer pre-release sales of many items? Or offer a service to alert people when their desired item is back in stock? If these people wanted an item enough that they were willing to share their personal details (or better yet - their cash) with you then why not send them a text message to ensure they do not miss out?

Given SMS open rates are near perfect, you know that your message will be seen within minutes of sending, ensuring that your customers are the first to know when their item is in stock. Better yet, connect your inventory system through an integration and have the messages sent automatically when the inventory item stock level is increased. You can even have automated reminders to buy if the customer has not responded within a few days and stock levels are still available or awaiting collection for pre-release items.

Connecting automatically with customers via SMS not only improves their experience of the service offered, but it also minimises costs to the company offering that service. Open and response rates for mobile SMS are extremely high. Consumers are more likely to visit more often, and revenue to the business is enhanced thanks to boosted impulse purchasing.

Use SMS Automation For Lead Nurturing

Sales leads management software is the answer for any business seeking to simplify procedures and track the status of all sales leads. It can be applied to users both in-office and located remotely; employees, sales representatives, distributors and partners can all update leads and their results. The software is secure so that sensitive information is protected. Lead generation is another task which can be enhanced using SMS.

Track lead information, convert leads to tangible opportunities, assign leads to the correct account manager or sales team member, follow up on leads and more using text message automation. Find out more about lead nurturing with SMS here.

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