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This is how you write it: ClickSend (all one word, capital C and S).

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We provide multiple versions. Use the format that best fits the colors you’re working with. Please do not manipulate the logo in any way. Thanks!


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For Licensees, Press and Other Third Parties

The name ClickSend is widely associated with high quality business communication products and services. This and other trademarks of ClickSend Pty Ltd (“Trademarks”) are valuable and important intellectual property assets of the company. Thousands of transactions are performed around the world every day by individuals and companies using ClickSend’s products and services, and a uniform, proper use of our Trademarks by all our licensees is key to our ability to associate our Trademarks with the quality of our products and services.

These Guidelines set out our policies for proper use of our Trademarks by our licensees and other authorized users. They were designed to help you to properly refer to our Trademarks, correctly use our logos in different circumstances, and otherwise guide your permissible use of the Trademarks. We ask all our authorized users to follow these Guidelines carefully when using any of our Trademarks.

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