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3 examples of business text messaging being received on a mobile handset

Get real results with SMS messaging

It's quick. It's inexpensive. And it's unbelievably effective. The humble SMS text message lets you send and receive vital information almost instantly.

Plus, nearly two-thirds of customers want businesses to text them more often. So instead of trying to reach customers in an overflowing email inbox, why not connect directly with them via their cell phone?

Connect with anyone, anywhere via SMS

Use text messaging to improve communication across the board. Talk to customers, partners, suppliers, staff – even whole departments. Typically messages are promotional, informative or conversational in nature.
Example of promotional text messaging - welcome drink offer

Promotional SMS campaigns

Make your offer unmissable. Try SMS for your next marketing campaign and see your sales grow. All at minimal cost.
Here's how:
  • Offer discounts off main meals for returning guests.
  • Invite customers to a VIP night or new season event.
  • Broadcast your new friends and family discounts.
Find out more about how we can improve your marketing with SMS.

Informational text messages

Some messages are sent purely to provide information.
Not to drive sales or promote. We also call these transactional.
Use transactional messages to:
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments.
  • Send parcel tracking information.
  • Verify customer identity for mobile banking.
And it's not just for texting your customers. SMS is great for:
  • Alerting your team when training location changes.
  • Getting urgent technical support for critical issues.
  • Contacting agents on the road.
When plans change, there's no faster way to communicate than via text message.
3 examples of how businesses use SMS for informational messaging, including OTP, delivery updates and appointment reminders.
Example of two way, conversational text messaging for businesses, showing easy appointment rescheduling.

2-way SMS conversations

Improve the customer experience by offering 2-way messaging. With over half of all consumers preferring to send texts to customer support, why wouldn't you offer SMS support?
Here's why SMS is best for service team:
  • Saves time over calling customers (and reaching their voicemail instead).
  • All conversations are in one place.
  • Speedy response times compared to email.
Faster solutions mean happier, more loyal customers. And happier, more engaged staff. It's win-win.

Avoid the mess. Send and receive texts via a business SMS provider.

If you've ever tried sending SMS to many people, using the default app on your cell phone, you'll see that it can get messy quite quickly.
And it's not like you can create a group chat with your customers.
The smart way to send is via a designated text service, or SMS provider. Most simply, it's powerful software created especially for fast,
high-volume message delivery. But with added features so you can do it all from your web browser. (Your thumbs will thank you.)
Our SMS service powers billions of messages every single day. Join thousands of companies who send SMS for their business
communications with us. From small businesses to global enterprises, around the world.

Speedy, reliable routes. 100% uptime guaranteed. Always-on support.

See why businesses around the world prefer our text messaging service.
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