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With Outlook SMS plugin, you can send SMS from Outlook accounts and reach staff or customers wherever they are.

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Send Any Outlook Email as an SMS

Send SMS from Outlook on your desktop, laptop or tablet. At ClickSend we have developed an Outlook SMS plugin which makes communicating with your staff or customers easy and doable from your desk. With this simple Outlook SMS plugin, sending an SMS from your desk is as easy as sending an email.

This solution is perfect for those who rely on email as their primary method of communication, as it allows for you to communicate through a different medium, whilst still using a platform you're familiar with. Catch your customers or colleagues on the run with ClickSend's Outlook to SMS plugin.

What is Outlook to SMS?

Outlook to SMS is software which allows you to turn an email into a text message without any extra effort. With ClickSend you can do this in two ways. Register your Outlook email within the ClickSend dashboard then simply write your email and send your message to mobile-number@sms.clicksend.com. Or download the Outlook plugin and send to any mobile number directly from Outlook.

Your message will be converted from email to SMS and replies can be directed back to your Outlook inbox, or as an SMS.

Why Choose ClickSend's Outlook to SMS?

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. Download our Outlook to Text Message plugin to experience seamless SMS integration in your favourite email software. Once installed, a Send SMS button will become available in your Outlook window. No need to import contacts, simply use contacts in your Outlook address book.

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

Your first 25 messages are free and you don't have to input any card details to use your free credit. Price does not increase alongside the size of your database - send SMS how you want and only pay for what you use.

Not Another Software Subscription!

No, ClickSend is pay-as-you-use, you're not paying when you're not using. So don't worry about yet another monthly subscription that you forget about and keep on paying.

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

We’re so confident in our reliability, we offer a 100% uptime SLA guarantee so you can be sure your message reaches when you need it to.

Don't Stress About Message Deliverability

Not only is our service always up and running, but we use direct routes. So rest assured when you click send your messages are being delivered on time, every time via the quickest route.

Free 24/7 Support

Talk to us through live chat, phone, contact form or email. There’s always a human on the other end, ready to help.

Relax, Help Is Always At Hand

Our global 24/7 chat is industry leading and we're proud to employ real humans in support to help our real humans in use. We understand businesses can require quick, efficient support at any time of the day or night.

It's So Easy To Use The Outlook to SMS plugin

Standard plugin - any Outlook version (recommended)

Get Started

Download, and install, the ClickSend Outlook plugin from the dashboard. It takes just a few minutes and you'll see a special SMS button appear in the header of your Outlook program.

Write via SMS button

Click the SMS button in Outlook and draft an email as you normally would, but instead of using email addresses you use mobile phone numbers.

Then click send

And your email is sent to ClickSend and converted to SMS in an instant and delivered in seconds to your recipients phones. Any replies can go directly to your Outlook inbox.

Access the best value Outlook to SMS service today

Get in contact with ClickSend today to find out how easy it is to send SMS from Outlook accounts! The ClickSend Outlook SMS plugin can save you time and allow you to communicate better with your customers.

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