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What is an SMTP Email Server?

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the mechanism by which an email client sends emails to a mail server for delivery to an intended email address. An SMTP server is the computer server (or collection of servers) with the sole task of sending and receiving email.

ClickSend provides an SMTP server which allows you to deliver emails quickly and easily to your customers.

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Proven Deliverability
At ClickSend, we are experts in sending email. We ensure that we maintain a strong email reputation to protect our high deliverability rates. This means your emails reach the maximum number of recipients from your contact list.
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Scale to any size globally with our custom-built mail transfer agent; fully supported by a redundant, self-hosted infrastructure.
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Full Reporting Suite
View and track the delivery success, open rate and click-through of each email campaign individually with our analytics and reporting tools.
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99.95% Uptime SLA
Send email with confidence, knowing that you can rely on our infrastructure, even should there be a major internet outage.

How Does an SMTP Server Send Email?

Sending an email seems like a pretty basic task; simply type in your message and recipients and click send. However, all the tasks in the background add up to a complex process.

Firstly, when you compose a message, it is done using an email program known as a client. The client bundles all the email info (the message, recipient, subject line, date and time) and sends it to an SMTP server. The SMTP server tends to be owned by your email service provider, eg. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. The SMTP server then unbundles the information in the email to find the recipient email address. The email server then matches up the email address to the email host. For example, if you were sending a message to, it will match the message to the host and send the message to that server.

SMTP Service

This message will be picked up by the destination SMTP server and put into a mailbox for Tim Pineapple. The message waits for Tim to open his email program, before fetching the message - essentially transporting the message from the email server to Tim's computer. Tim's computer then displays the message in his email program.

Email deliverability is strongly related to the reputation of the sender's IP address - if a particular IP address gets a reputation for sending mass spammy messages, organisations may refuse all email from that IP address. Thus it's important to ensure that you choose an SMTP email service that takes care to protect their and your sender reputation.

Why Use the ClickSend SMTP Server For Your Bulk Emails

Ensure Your Customers Are Receiving Your Emails

SMTP servers belonging to large email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook are not created to serve bulk email messaging. They do not monitor IP addresses as closely to ensure deliverability, so you could be sending messages from the same IP address as someone sending hundreds of spammy messages. If you attempt to send your bulk email campaigns using a provider who isn’t set up for bulk email sending, your messages will be marked as spam.

Why Use ClickSend SMTP Server
Why Use ClickSend SMTP Server

Simplify Customer Engagement

Completely automate your email engagement processes with the ClickSend SMTP email API including; welcome promotions, cart abandonment messages or offers based on customer behaviour. ClickSend's powerful APIs are available in multiple languages with full API documentation from REST to SOAP and everything inbetween.

Our bulk email service is customisable and our team will work hard to make it suit your business.

Contact us for more information on how to use our SMTP email server for your regular email communications.


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