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Integrate the ClickSend API with your business system for simply great results. Our fax API makes sending faxes online as easy as possible!

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Send Fax Programmatically with our Fax API

ClickSend offers a powerful and flexible set of APIs that enable you to add the bulk fax opportunities to your existing applications. Boost productivity by automating fax sending and receiving through your current platforms and applications.

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Fax Sending API
Communicate with your customers through a channel they simply can’t miss, and do it from your existing communication application network. Our fax API makes reaching your customers easy from your existing tech stack.
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Why Our API Code?
ClickSend have over a decade of developing backend API code that help our clients achieve effective results in efficient ways. We understand how your business applications are important and we work to improve them through our fax integration.
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Built For Developers!
Our fax API has been created with developers at the forefront of our thinking. We understand that the implemented code infrastructure that your company has been deployed for a range of reasons, so we deliver compatible fax API to your current systems.

Get Started with the ClickSend Fax Gateway API

Download our sample fax API code to confirm they are compatible with your system! Our fax API can integrate into your existing code and make communicating with your customers easy.

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API Documentation
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Or integrate now with our free API key

Why Choose ClickSend's Fax Gateway API?

Our REST API offers an intelligent solution to sending bulk fax messages over a range of different fax networks. We have a range of downloadable sample codes so you can be assured of compatibility, and 24/7 customer support to ensure your integration goes smoothly.

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

Your first 25 messages are free and you don't have to input any card details to use your free credit. Price does not increase alongside the size of your database - send SMS how you want and only pay for what you use.

Not Another Software Subscription!

Not Another Software Subscription!

No, ClickSend is pay-as-you-use, you're not paying when you're not using. So don't worry about yet another monthly subscription that you forget about and keep on paying.

Don't Stress About Message Deliverability

Don't Stress About Message Deliverability

Not only is our service always up and running, but we use direct routes. So rest assured when you click send your messages are being delivered on time, every time via the quickest route.

Global Coverage Direct Routes

Relax, Help Is Always At Hand

Our global 24/7 chat is industry leading and we're proud to employ real humans in support to help our real humans in use. We understand businesses can require quick, efficient support at any time of the day or night.

What is a Fax API?

A fax API is a defined set of instructions which enable applications to send and receive faxes directly to and from a physical fax machine, via a fax Gateway. A Fax Gateway API is used to add native faxing capability to your existing software and applications.

Essentially, our API allows you to integrate faxing capability into your existing web and mobile applications, so that you can automate faxing online.

What is Fax API?

Why Businesses Love the ClickSend Fax API

Reliable Fax Service

Count on ClickSend to send and receive fax via API. With high throughput, robust infrastructure and 99.95% uptime, you can scale your online fax with confidence.

Or for non-developers, send faxes from our user-friendly Online Fax Marketing dashboard with the same confidence.

Reliable Fax Service
Reliable Fax Service

Seamless API Integration

Integrate with ease with our comprehensive SDK library and API documentation. Built for developers, by developers, we know how to play nice with hundreds of other platforms. Sign up now to access your API key.


We can't wait to get you set up. Get in contact with us today or signup for a free trial to access our fax API.

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