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Text Messaging for Beauty & Hair Salons

Improve your attendance rates and get the most out of your bookings with salon SMS reminders and more.

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Reduce No-Shows with Text Messaging for Beauty and Hair Salons

No one likes no-shows; every person who makes a booking and then fails to arrive is costing your business money. What if we told you there was an easy, set-and-forget way to dramatically reduce no-shows?

Yes, it's text messaging.

Lady cutting hair while man sets up next appointment on tablet, with SMS reminders

Unfortunately no-shows are often caused by well-intentioned, busy people who for some reason forgot about their appointment or forgot to reschedule. Eliminate this issue by sending text message reminders one day ahead of their appointment to ensure your client is still able to attend and that they remember.

Make it super easy for your customers by asking whether they are still able to make their appointment; if they respond 'yes', great. If the response is no, you have not only created an opportunity to still get business from this client through rescheduling, but also to fill the available spot. Win-win.

SMS Messaging for Beauty and Hair Professionals

The hair and beauty industry is a large, yet fiercely competitive, industry. Get ahead of your competition with an SMS messaging service, which serves as an invaluable addition to any business. There is no more affordable or effective method of communicating with employees, suppliers, and customers.

Hair salons, beauty salons, skincare clinics, cosmetic health, laser therapists and day spas can all improve their processes and performance by investing in SMS beauty solutions.

Benefits of Salon SMS Messaging for Your Beauty or Hair Business

Not only can you send transactional text message reminders to increase your booking attendance rate, there are a multitude of other ways our hair and beauty salon partners are using ClickSend to optimise their business processes.

SMS example on handset - Ash eyebrow appointment with autoresponder

Automated Salon Text Messaging

Allow customers to book using SMS through SMS keywords and integration with your scheduling calendar application. There is a growing preference for the ability to make appointment bookings without having to speak to a human, so having the ability to send a text message to set up appointments is a great feature to the phone-averse.

Take this one step further by using SMS to communicate scheduling with staff and suppliers:

  • Once staff rosters are published, have a text message automatically sent to staff with their hours.

  • Let staff know when their payslips have been generated with the text message they’ve been waiting for since last payday.

  • Set up alerts for suppliers when shampoos, gel polish, treatments, aluminium foil, wax supplies or cleaning wipes are running low.

Or if your clients require regular services or maintenance, for example every 6-8 weeks they may need to return for:

  • Haircut or trim

  • Hair colour touch up

  • Waxing, threading or eyebrow maintenance

  • Gel nail replacements

  • IPL or laser hair removal

  • You can automate your messaging to fit in their beauty cycle, reminding customers to rebook their appointments.

SMS Marketing for Hair and Beauty

Got a great new offer or simply want to boost sales during a quiet period? Maximise your reach with text message marketing. With 98% open rates, you can be sure that your message has reached your target audience, in comparison to the 20-30% reach from email.

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and even the simplest model can send and receive text messages. With near perfect open rates, text messaging is an excellent way to communicate quickly and effectively. Given text messaging is so unobtrusive, it is the preferred communication method for many consumers.

Useful Template Text Messages for the Hair and Beauty Industry

Use these templates to simplify communications for your beauty studio or hair styling salon.

Text Message Appointment Confirmation

Hi {first name}, thanks for your booking! Confirming that we have received your booking for {service} on {day} at {time} with {therapist}. We look forward to seeing you then. {Salon}.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Hey {first name}, just a reminder that your {service} appointment is at {time}. If you're unable to make your appointment, please choose a new time at {link} or reply CANCEL.

Customer Feedback via Text Message

Hey {first name}, we hope you enjoyed your time at {salon}. We'd love to know how we went - on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? Thanks! {Salon}.

Promotional Text Message for Salons

Hi {first name}, get {discount} off when you book your next appointment with us. Get in quick - appointments are limited! Book at {link}.Opt out reply stop.

New Product Alert SMS

Hi {first name}, from this week we are offering {service} and would love for you to be one of the first to try it! Book in now, you won't be disappointed! {Link}. Opt out reply stop.

Last Minute Booking Offer Via SMS

Hi {first name}, indulge in a {service} and get 20% off today only. We have these times available: {time 1}, {time 2}, {time 3} First in best dressed - reply with your preferred time to book instantly.

All Your Hair and Beauty Communications on One Web Application

Combine your communications platforms for even greater reach. Contact customers, suppliers and staff by email, letter, fax or postcard. There are so many ways you can ramp up your communications strategy and grow your hair or beauty business.

Send marketing postcards to your hair and beauty clients

Send beautiful marketing postcards in a few clicks - from your desktop to their letterbox. Your customers will be delighted to find mail other than bills in their postbox.

Send hair and beauty salon MMS to your clients

If you have some great imagery for your social media campaigns, show it off using MMS messaging.

Send hair and beauty email messages to your clients.

Got so much to say that you can't fit it all in text message? Why not send it via email and then follow up with customers who have not opened your email with a text message.

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