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Human Resource SMS Messaging

Human Resources, or HR, refers to the workforce of an organisation, and a human resources department deals with every aspect of the business that relates to employees and managers, including payroll, performance, recruitment, selection, staff wellbeing and workplace industrial relations. The HR department is integral to any company, and more attention has been focused on this area in recent years.

Human resources team and job applicants

A Human Resources department in any business can benefit enormously from investment in SMS solutions for HR. Processes are streamlined, and the operations of the business can be enhanced. This enhancement can give your business a massive competitive edge.

Using SMS Messaging in Human Resources

Use our secure and reliable communications platform to send text messages in any situation. Here are some ways that human resource teams are using SMS messaging on our secure and reliable communication platform:

  • Schedule shifts and deliver rosters

  • Increase safety for remote workers

  • Communicate with job applicants

  • Advise of professional development opportunities, trainings and maintenance of qualifications

  • Manage interview schedules and notify changes to times or venues

  • Reach all employees simultaneously in a crisis

  • Reach all employees simultaneously in a crisis

And they choose ClickSend's text message gateway to:

  • Send SMS notifications for fast communication

  • Develop, implement and maintain systems for performance management

  • Track delivery and responses - we guarantee your messages will reach your recipients or you simply do not pay!

SMS notifications are discreet and unobtrusive, making text messaging a superior communication channel for many people.

Benefits of Text Messaging for HR and Recruitment Teams

SMS Benefits

Reach Staff With HR SMS Messaging

Don't play the phone-tag game, send information by SMS and know that your message has reached your audience, whether they're on the road, in meetings or at their desk. This is especially useful for recruitment, where candidates may be working in the position they intend to leave and are unable to have confidential recruitment conversations with you until they step outside.

Contact Staff Immediately with HR SMS Messaging

With 90% of text messages read within minutes of being received, you know that if you need to convey information urgently, text message is the best tool to use.

SMS Benefits
SMS Benefits

Send Messages as Easily as Email with SMS

Use the ClickSend dashboard to send messages in bulk when you have important information that needs to be cascaded fast. Or, automate your communications using some of our powerful API integrations . SMS integration is incredibly effective for shaving hours off your HR tasks.

For example, when sending a job offer send an automatic text message alert to ensure that the job offer is received and that the candidate is alerted in a timely manner.

Favourite Templated Text Messages for HR Professionals

Copy, paste and tweak the human resource SMS templates below to save time and make your life easier.

SMS for Hiring - Interview Invitation

Hi {first name}, thank your for applying for {job role}. We would like to offer you an interview. Please go to {link} to choose a time that suits you. Kind regards, {Company}.

SMS for Hiring - Interview Reminder

Hi {first name}, just a quick reminder about your interview on {date} at {time}. We are looking forward to meeting you. Kind regards, {Company}.

SMS for Hiring - Job Offer

Hi {first name}, thanks for interviewing for {position}. We would like to offer you the position. We have sent an email to your supplied email address. We look forward to hearing from you. {Company}.

SMS for Hiring - New Opportunity

Hey {first name}, we have had a new opportunity arise which we think you might be interested in. Check out our new {role} at {link}. We look forward to your application. {Company}.

HR SMS for Personal Development Opportunities

Hi {first name}, we're offering {training} for all staff interested in improving their {skill}. This is a great opportunity for fast tracking your career and we highly recommend the course. To sign up, go to {link}. Kind regards, {HR Team Member}.

Internal HR SMS - Compliance Training

Hi {first name}, just a quick reminder that {compliance type} is due on {date}. Please remember to complete the certificate to ensure you remain compliant. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. {HR Team Member}.

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