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Text Messaging for Manufacturing Industry

Contact suppliers, manufacturers, staff, stakeholders and customers quickly with SMS text messaging.

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Maximise Efficiency with SMS for the Manufacturing Industry

ClickSend is proud to provide premium SMS solution to all areas of the manufacturing industry. Text messaging is a fast, affordable, and economical way for manufacturers to instantly communicate with staff, suppliers, contractors, and consumers.

Hi Mike, your warehouse roster for next month is now available. You can view it here Any questions please contact your shift manager.
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Staff rostering

Inventory Alert: Item R142837 is down to less than 100 units. Please re-order as soon as possible. You can log into the stock system here:
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Urgent low inventory warnings

Warehouses and manufacturing premises can be noisy, busy places. Using an SMS messaging service for your manufacturing enterprise is the superior way to increase engagement whilst at the same time reducing costs for administration and operations. Mobile text messaging has the highest engagement rate of any remote communication method, as well as the lowest spam rate, and it can be applied in a myriad of ways for the manufacturing industry.

Benefits of SMS for Manufacturing

Some of the ways the manufacturing industry is using SMS.

Example SMS for low stock alerts with factory worker and shelves

SMS for Operations and Supply Chain Management

Connect with single people or large groups and send automated stock notifications and alerts instantly. Alerts can be triggered automatically through integration with your stock management system. You can also use short codes to view logistics data, warehouse inventory and sales movement. Deliver critical supply chain messages instantly, all over the world if necessary.

  • Outage notifications

  • Low inventory warnings

  • Automated vendor orders

  • Reminders for recurring orders

Text Messaging for Staff and Supplier Management

Use SMS text messaging to alert, inform and manage staff, contractors and suppliers. SMS doesn't rely on web access or WiFi so you know they're being delivered and with a 98% open rate, and 90% of the messages being opened within minutes, you know they're being read.

  • Send staff rosters

  • Send shift change requests in an instant

  • Contractor confirmations

  • Supplier reminders.

Example SMS for shift alerts with factory workers
Example SMS for parcel delivery, with present

SMS for Customer Communications and Marketing

Probably the most warmly received SMS messages customers get are order status update ones, especially when providing the hard delivery date. People love being kept informed of their eagerly awaited items and the most efficient way to do this is via SMS. Sometimes you may be the bearer of bad news, delivery delays, stock issues etc, but as long as you're keeping your customer informed it goes a huge way to keeping them happy. SMS is also perfect for sending promotional campaigns to your Opt-in customers.

  • Order Status updates

  • Delivery date with ability to change by reply

  • Immediate delivery delay notifications

  • Flash sale (Black Friday) messages with shortcode link

  • In stock updates with link to reorder

  • Future product notifications

SMS 2-Factor Authentication

Use text messaging to implement secure one time passwords (OTP) and boost the security of your applications and processes.

Find out more about OTP and multi-factor authentication.

Send 2 Factor Authentication SMS to worker handsets

Some Favourite SMS Templates for the Manufacturing Industry

Increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with our SMS solutions.

Order Received

Hi {first name}, your order {number} has been received in our warehouse and should be dispatched within {time frame}. More updates to follow {company name}

Order Dispatched

Hi {first name}, your order {number} has left our warehouse and should be with you within {time frame}. You can track progress here More updates to follow {company name}

Order Delivered

Hi {first name}, your order {number} is due for delivery tomorrow {date}. If not home we'll leave in a safe place. Further info check: Thanks for shopping with {company name}

Flash Sale

{company name}: BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Up to [number]% OFF! BIGGEST SALE EVER. Shop now: To opt out reply STOP

Claim Receipt

Hi {employee first name}, your roster for next month is now available. Please view it here and accept or request any changes.

Marketing Promotion

Inventory Alert: Stock of {product number} is getting low and needs reordering. Please re-order as soon as possible via:

SMS manufacturing solutions exist to enhance your business, improving your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your business and your profitability.

Integrate ClickSend with Your Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Integrate ClickSend through our API or check out our no-code options. Using an online automations tool like Zapier, you can setup integrations without needing to engage your tech developers. Simply choose which two applications you want to integrate and choose your trigger and the resulting action. This is called a zap.

  • Send inventory updates by text message

    Simply set up a zap that fires when inventory changes, triggering an SMS to be sent. This can be used to alert contractors or suppliers of stock levels, remind staff of new product lines being launched or for marketing to notify customers when the items they want have been restocked.

  • Send documents automatically when orders or invoices are created

    Through integrating the ClickSend Online Post, once an invoice, order or quote is raised, you can trigger a letter to be mailed straight to the recipient. From there, our print centre will automatically print, fold, envelope and dispatch your letter, saving you hours in printing and mailing.

Integrate Dear Inventory with ClickSend via Zapier to send SMS

With our integration partners, there are so many opportunities to get the most out of your existing software and the ClickSend communications platform.

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