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Text Messaging For Sport and Fitness

Rally your team, club members and supporters quickly and effectively with SMS text messaging for gyms, fitness centres, sporting clubs and associations.

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Improve Attendance Rates and Signups with Gym and Sports Club SMS

An SMS messaging service can be a sporting club's greatest asset. Communication between club officials, players, and supporters is critical for determining numbers for functions, advising of changes to game locations, and last minute wet weather changes. Likewise, text messaging is helpful for gym owners in helping to drive memberships, coordinate trainers and schedule classes and PT sessions. With an SMS messaging service, every member of the club or association's database can be contacted simultaneously and instantaneously, allowing procedures to be streamlined and making life simpler for officials.

8 Week Challenge

MMS for Gyms Example - 8 Week Challenge Promotion
Hi Ashleigh, kick start your fitness regime with SouthSide's 8 week challenge. Including meal plans, additional high interval training sessions and complimentary body scans. Sign up now and get 25% off!

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Utilise MMS to add motivational imagery to drive attendance and memberships.

Hi Maya, we miss you! Come back to 18Square Gym and kickstart that summer body now. Reply FREEBIE for your complimentary 3-class pass. To opt out reply STOP


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Re-engage members and boost attendance by sending text message reminders.

Most sporting clubs and associations have a number of teams and groups; with SMS sports club communications, messaging can quickly and easily be set up so that specific teams, selected persons, or the entire database can be contacted. Text messages can be set to be one way or two ways, and responses can be collected and tracked.

Benefits of SMS Messaging for Gyms and Fitness Centres

The fitness industry, especially for gyms and fitness centres, is highly competitive with almost one on every corner. You need to get the most out of your marketing communications to drive new membership and renew expiring contracts. SMS is perfect for both of these, giving you an edge over your competitors.

SMS for Gym Attendance Encouragement

Forge personal relationships . . .

Gym members can be very transient and building relationships with them can be difficult when they are constantly on the go. SMS allows you to reach them on the go, wherever they are with a method of communication they are very comfortable with. And with the ClickSend platform you can segment your members into targeted groups to send even more personalised messages based on their needs, attendance rate, targets and goals.

  • Send congratulations when a member has reached a target or goal.

  • Send motivational messages, or follow-up with personal inquiries, to make your customers feel special and determined.

  • Reward returning members or members that have stepped up a gear.

  • Prevent clients from churning by sending regular contact to ensure they get the maximum benefit from your gym.

  • Reach all your members in one single blast to let them know of changes to group fitness timetables, new class offerings, updated opening hours, etc.

. . . in a way that is incredibly cost effective

When you look at the open and read rates of SMS, above 90%, it's hugely cost effective compared to email and paid promotions via social media.

  • Send automated membership renewal messages that actually get read.

  • Make SMS part of your annual New Year promotion and watch read and response rates soar.

  • Use shortcodes in your advertising for quick response campaigns 'Get in shape this summer. Text SUMMER to 200916 for your free one-week pass'

  • SMS for sport and fitness is also perfect for managing staff. Have to urgently find someone to run a class? Send an SMS blast to your instructors.

Jim's Gym sign with SMS keyword and shortcode example

Benefit of SMS Messaging for Sports Clubs and Associations

Ultimate team and fan management that is incredibly effective and cost efficient

Whether you're running a little league baseball club or a professional football club, SMS sporting club solutions can be applied to a range of situations, including:

  • Game reminders - remind players and fans alike of upcoming matches.

  • Wet weather notices.

  • Training information.

  • Fixture changes.

  • Ordering of club uniforms or merchandise.

  • Social event organisation and management.

  • Fundraising event organisation and management.

There is no more convenient way to manage your sporting association or club communications. Even for last minute changes or emergency messages, SMS is by far the most effective method of instant, widespread communication, and mobile device open and response rates exceed 90%.


MMS for sporting club example - send MMS when new kit arrives
Hi Matt, our new season kit has just landed and can be purchased exclusively from our online store. There's also discounts of up to 50% off last season's kit. Visit our store now, the best sizes tend to go pretty quickly.

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Some Useful SMS Templates for the Sport and Fitness Industry

Get more people in the door, joining teams or signing contracts by keeping them engaged using text messaging for the sport and fitness industry.

SMS Messages for Gym Promotions

Hi {first name}, have you heard about our refer a friend program? Get two weeks free membership applied to your account for every friend you refer who becomes a member. Reply REFER for an easy SMS template you can forward to your friends. [Gym].

Birthday Text Messaging for Gyms

Happy birthday {first name}! From the team at [gym] we'd like to gift you [PT session/2 weeks free/free class access/etc]. Reply BIRTHDAY to book now. Kind regards, [Gym].

SMS Reminders for Absent Members (to reduce churn rate)

Hi {first name}, we haven't seen you at [gym] and wanted to check how you were going with your fitness goals. If you'd like some help, please reply PT SESSION for a free session to help you reach your goals. Cheers, [Trainer name], [gym].

Text Message Reminders for Matches

Hi {first name}, just a quick reminder that the match against {competitor team} is on {day} at {time}. Don't forget to bring [water/gloves/equipment/sun cream]! See you then. [Coach name].

SMS Notifications for Fitness Class Changes

Hi {first name}, tomorrow's [class name] class has been cancelled due to instructor illness. Instead [instructor] is running [class] at [time] which you might enjoy - book your spot at {link}. [Gym].

SMS for Class/Training Reminders

Hey {first name}, don't forget! [Class] is on this week at [time]. We are looking forward to seeing you there! [Gym].

Supercharge your sport and fitness business using text messaging for fitness, and see engagement and retention like never before.

Simplify and Supercharge Your Communications by Integrations and Automations

Get even more out of your existing applications by automating processes that are repetitive. ClickSend integrates directly with lots of software applications and indirectly with thousands via Zapier. In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect ClickSend SMS with, for instance, specialist gym CRM software like GymMaster, with as many as 227 possible integrations.

Integration with Gymmaster and ClickSend through Zapier
Send SMS

TRIGGER: Cancelled Membership

Send SMS
Send SMS

ACTION: Instant, automatic SMS follow up

Hi Jemaya, I see you've just cancelled your gym membership with us. We're sorry to see you go. Could you help us provide a better service by replying with the letter that mostly explains why you're leaving us:

  • A - Found a better gym
  • B - Too expensive
  • C - Moved away from area
  • D - Lost motivation
  • E - None of your business

Thanks for being a member of Jim's Gym. You can rejoin at anytime and we'll give you 25% off your first 3 months. Re-join here:

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