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Boost Your Bookings with Travel Text Messaging

Customer service is of utmost importance in every industry, but no more so than within the travel industry, including travel operators and hotels. SMS travel and hotel solutions are an effective way to maximise customer service and consumer satisfaction, allowing service providers and their employee base to communicate quickly and easily with staff, patrons, and other guests. These solutions can be applied for use within businesses including travel agencies, airlines, tour companies, hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts and other reservation service providers.

Example of travel SMS autoresponder for tour companies
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Use autoresponders to make scheduling travel a breeze.

Escape the Winter

Example of travel MMS for airline sales to South East Asia

Dreaming of a holiday? Check out our amazing winter warmer promotion.

Hi Lisa. Dreaming of a tropical island getaway? Now is the time to book! Fly return to Penang, Phuket or the Phi Phi Islands for $400 return with MaiThai Airlines. More info at Opt out reply STOP.
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Boost engagement with rich imagery using MMS.

Enhancing customer service via text message is a form of SMS marketing. As SMS text messaging is so widely used throughout the world, and has by far the highest open and response rate of any remote communication method, it makes sense to utilise it to its fullest potential. It is immediate, unobtrusive, and incredibly interactive. Statistics show that the vast majority of text messages are opened within half a minute of delivery, and almost everyone has at least a basic mobile phone which can send and receive text messages. This high open rate is critical in the time-sensitive industry of travel and hospitality.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Hotels and the Travel Industry

The travel industry makes great use of SMS to promote hot destinations and discounts or send time-sensitive alerts. While hotels use SMS for booking confirmations and reminders and to market offers.

Send hotel text messages to make guest check-in fasters and more comfortable

Incredible return-on-investment (ROI)

SMS for hotels and travel is one of the most cost efficient methods of engaging with customers and prospects. Whether for marketing purposes, with time senstitive offers, or for transactional confirmations and reminders no other channel will give you open rates as high as 98%. Your messages get delivered and get consumed and this will positively affect sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Promote last minute deals; last minute changes happen a lot in the travel industry, eg. surplus seats or rooms. A quick SMS campaign is the most effective way to get a hot deal distributed.

  • Confirm bookings in seconds; integrate SMS into your booking engine and get customer satisfying booking confirmation messages out instantly.

  • Encourage feedback and reviews; provide instant customer support via SMS to reduce negative feedback or set-up scheduled follow-up text messages requesting reviews from satisfied clients.

Automate time consuming tasks

Get even more out of your existing booking, ticketing and customer support applications by automating processes that are repetitive. ClickSend integrates directly with lots of software applications via API and indirectly with thousands via Zapier.

  • Instant booking confirmations and reminders.

  • Payment reminders.

  • Thank you messages.

  • Travel alerts.

Integrate SMS with your hotel booking system to automate tasks

Favourite Text Message Templates for Hotel and Travel Solutions

Use travel text messaging to drive more sales, improve customer communications or streamline internal messaging with our SMS gateway.

Transactional SMS Messaging for Travel and Hotels

Send reminders to customers about their upcoming travel arrangements, to ask for information in a succinct way or to ensure they arrive on time and are well informed throughout their journey.

Transactional Welcome SMS for Hotels

Hi {first name}, thanks for choosing to stay at [hotel], we're looking forward to welcoming you today. Show this message at the counter for express check-in. If there's anything we can help with, please reply back. Kind regards, [hotel].

Online Check-In SMS Notification for Airlines

Hey {first name}, online check in for {flight number} to {destination} has opened. To check in please go to {link} and follow the prompts. We look forward to welcoming you on board our {aircraft} at {time}. [Airline].

Automated Check Out Text Message for Hotels

Hi {first name}, thank you for staying at the [hotel], it has been a pleasure to be your host. Here's {discount} toward your next stay at [hotel] for the next time you're in {location}. Kind regards, [hotel].

Triggered SMS for Airline Boarding Passes

Hi {first name}, we're looking forward to your upcoming flight to {destination}. Here is your boarding pass: {link}. Please print a copy or have the electronic copy available at boarding. Kind regards [airline].

These messages occur whenever an event is upcoming and are predictable, therefore they can be automated. We offer hundreds of integrations - simply find your booking system and connect it to ClickSend for set-and-forget transactional messaging.

For added productivity, integrate your scheduling software with our travel SMS service to 100% automate this process. You can also then have triggered emails sent through ClickSend when the event is scheduled, giving your customers more information about the service details.

Marketing Text Messaging for Travel and Hotels

Are you offering a great promotion for travel? Share your offer with your customer list and access 98% open rates with SMS marketing.

Promotional SMS for Hotels

Hi {first name}, our [promotion name] sale is now on. Check out our sale prices for our lowest ever room rates, or stay 5 nights and get 2 nights free! Full buffet breakfast included. Go to {link} for more information. [Hotel].

Marketing Text Messages for Airlines

Hi {first name}, dreaming of a holiday? Check out our red hot sale fares during our [campaign name] sale! Fly return to [destination] or [destination] for just [price]. Seats are limited, book now! {Link}. [Airline].

To get the best out of your text message marketing, set up SMS keywords and invite potential customers to reply.

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