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For efficient business communication, a bulk mail solution can make all the difference. Get noticed - use bulk mail marketing to stand out from your competitors.

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With our bulk mail service, reaching millions of people is as easy as reaching one. Unlock the hidden potential of snail mail and start mailing documents as effortlessly as an email campaign.

Let ClickSend become your virtual mail room and streamline your bulk printing needs. Forget maintaining expensive printers, with servicing and replacement parts, toner and ink. Forget the hassle of sending documents to print, picking them up, folding, placing into envelopes, stamping, finding a letterbox. In a few clicks, ClickSend will have your mail printed and sent.

We offer three great services to ensure that your bulk mail marketing campaigns run seamlessly.

What is Bulk Mail Marketing?

Bulk mail marketing, or bulk post marketing, is a tactic of sending targeted mail to prospective customers in one blast. It can be used for acquisition, when you need to reach new people with just the right message. Or retention to drive customer renewals and scale revenue. Bulk mail can be sent using our Online Post system or through your existing application using our secure API.

The most popular way to send mass mail marketing with ClickSend is to use our Online post service to send postcards - simply upload your designs, add your contacts and click send.

Reasons To Use the ClickSend Bulk Mail Marketing Service

Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose to use our mass mail out services.

Be Unmissable

Physical mail is almost always opened. Ensure your message is being seen and have your brand front of mind for your customers.

Your Mail, Your Way

We ensure your bulk post is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications. Most importantly, we’ll always ensure your materials are posted on time, every time to anywhere around the world!

Quick and Easy Setup

We’re so confident in our reliability, we offer a 100% uptime SLA guarantee so you can be sure your message reaches when you need it to.

24/7 Cloud Printing

Access our mail marketing and communications platform anytime, we're available 24/7. Simply upload your letter/postcard artwork and begin your next bulk post campaign. Anytime, anywhere.

Simple Automation

Our bulk mail marketing solution can easily handle all of your regular billing, invoice mail-outs, marketing materials or prospectuses for shareholders.

Best Value Pricing

Bulk mail with ClickSend doesn't come with any setup or monthly fees; you only pay for what you use and with highly competitive rates. It's a more cost-effective solution than using the post office! We won't be beaten on price, so let us know your current costs.

How to Use Bulk Mail to Engage Your Customers

Here are a few simple ways to engage your customers and suppliers using mass post marketing.

Appointment Reminders

Do your customers make recurring appointments? For example, yearly dental and medical checkups, annual car service or regular hair and beauty sessions. Your clients will find it difficult to move to your competitors when you send courtesy reminders.

Sales and Promotions

Send timely, personalised promotional messages by postcard and watch your brand recognition grow. Postcards are great for sending birthday rewards, seasonal promotions, political advertising or local event information.

Thank You Letter

Want to provide your customers with great customer service from start to end? Finalise your transaction by sending a thank you letter once the sale has completed. You may even consider adding a loyalty discount or bonus for their next purchase from you. People love receiving letters!

Don't let these ideas limit your creativity - we'd love to see what you design and help make your ideas come to life. Contact us for help with your next mail marketing campaign.


To learn more about our bulk mail marketing solution and see how we can help your business, contact us today.

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