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Coordinate Your Event With SMS Messaging

Event management is no trivial task. The logistics and resource management can be challenging, to say the least. Imagine you could promote events, coordinate relevant suppliers, manage registrations, roster staff and communicate with all stakeholders including attendees with the speed and convenience of email but the visibility and immediacy of a phone call. Sounds too good to be true right?

That’s where text messaging comes in.

Event SMS Messaging

Using an SMS management system for event management simplifies the process enormously, for a smooth and streamlined undertaking. Important information can be communicated instantaneously to a large number of people at the same time. Given open rates and response rates for mobile phone text messages are the highest of any mode of remote communication, there is no better way to facilitate management of events.

Why Use SMS Event Management Tools?

It's So Easy To Maximise Attendance and Manage Event Staff with SMS

The ClickSend communications platform is incredibly easy to use; you can schedule messages to be sent in advance and track responses, making your life easier. SMS is perfect for event management.

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Got a database of opt-in numbers? Then you can quickly and easily promote your event using SMS. Provide a strong call to action and a link to your website/booking software to really drive ticket sales.


Utilise SMS to manage your event staff. Send roster confirmations the night before so your staff will know exactly when and where they have to be the next day.

Send SMS
Send SMS


Send people that bought a ticket a thank you SMS and ask if they'd complete a simple questionnaire on their experience. Incentivise completion for greater engagement and thus feedback.

Be unforgettable and create buzz with a timely reminder about your events via text message. Have a great lineup of entertainment or know that you’ll be offering important intel that your attendees won’t want to miss? Let them know, make it hard for them to change their mind and drop out.

MMS For Events

If you want to get more creative, then the MMS format is perfect. You can directly send a coupon or gift card in image or video formats and the recipient will essentially always have it with them; who isn’t always within arms reach of their phone?

MMS for Events

Visit our dedicated MMS page and give it a try.

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