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Turn your emails into text-to-speech voice calls at the click of a button. Our text-to-speech calling gateway is compatible with all email programs.

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Send Hundreds of Calls Simultaneously Through Our Email Text-to-Speech Gateway

With the ClickSend email text-to-speech service, you can send phone calls electronically, through your favourite email client to either mobile or landline. There has never been a more efficient way to send your message to hundreds of people at once.

To convert your emails to voice calls, simply register your email address with ClickSend and then send an email to You can choose to ask your recipients to press a key on the keypad as an input and see the results in our reporting tools. All this and more can be achieved through our email text-to-speech gateway!

Reasons To Use Our Email to Voice Platform

Our team at ClickSend are proud to deliver an online voice service that lets you send thousands of calls from your computer. Our online voice platform has been developed to make sending bulk calls simple. If you are looking for an incredibly reliable email to voice service, then look no further.

With free 24/7 support and a price beat guarantee, we have the experience and expertise to send voice calls online to your customers or staff. Thanks to our voice gateway, sending calls over the internet has never been easier.

What Is Email Text-to-Speech Calling?

An email text-to-speech (TTS) gateway is software that allows you to convert emails to text-to-speech voice calls. This is especially useful for those who have a message that does not require a response and wants to reach those who use landlines as their preferred contact number.

Sending Voice Calls Through Email Could Not Be Simpler

Send voice calls straight to your recipient's mobile or landline handset as quickly and easily as you send an email in these 3 steps.

Step 2

Go to your email client and compose an email setting the recipient as (eg., you can send to multiple recipients.

Step 1

Sign up to a free ClickSend account, go to Email SMS and register your email address as an 'Allowed Address'. You can register and manage as many as you want.

Step 3

Click send and your email is dispatched to ClickSend, immediately converted into voice and forwarded in seconds to your recipient's phone, which will be ringing away! If the call is not answered the message goes to voice mail so you can be assured your voice message gets delivered.

Want to automate your calls? Find out more about sending text-to-speech calls programmatically through our voice API.

Send Voice Messages Through Email With ClickSend Today!

Send Voice Calls Through Email With ClickSend Today.
Access our email to voice call service, create a free account and receive free advice. We can’t wait to see what you can create. To find out more about our email to voice service at ClickSend, contact us today.

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