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SMS for Marketing Campaigns and Team Communications

Text messaging is a superior marketing tool when compared with traditional advertising and marketing methods such as postal campaigns, telemarketing phone calls, and emailing. Consumers often respond more favourably to a text message, with the expectation that it will be personal to them in nature and as such warrants opening and responding.

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Effective SMS Marketing solutions allow businesses to conduct promotional marketing activities via an SMS messaging service. These messages or alerts, if cleverly composed, individually personalised, and appropriately timed, may make a huge difference to the success of a marketing campaign.

Want 98% Open Rates for Your Marketing Messages?

When it comes to getting your message to your entire database, you can't go past text message marketing. SMS is great for cutting through the noise and delivering your message straight to your client's pocket. Not only do 98% of text messages get read, 90% of text messages are opened within minutes of delivery.

In comparison, email open rates average between 20-30% and engagement levels are also lower than SMS. So if you need to reach the maximum audience in the shortest time, consider text message marketing.

How to Use SMS Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Sending marketing messages could not be easier with the ClickSend SMS dashboard. Our customers use it to:

  • Personalise messages to a vast database of recipients

  • Set up automatic bulk delivery of your campaign at appropriate times

  • Generate 'on-the-spot' deals

  • Build and maintain a detailed client database

  • Gather user data and create accurate customer profiles

  • Access the extremely high open and response rate of mobile messaging

  • Encourage customer participation via surveys and questionnaires

  • Increase sales through keyword promotion

  • Save time and money on administration

  • Promote recurring or annual sales events, eg. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, End of Financial Year, Mid Season or End of Season Sales.

Access added features with ClickSend to ensure your marketing campaigns are polished and seamless.

  • Schedule marketing campaigns to be sent at the best time of day for your business and customer's timezones, without having to be at the computer to click send when you want your campaign sent.

  • Build in SPAM compliance with our 1 click opt-out feature - simply choose whether you need a Reply STOP or Unsubscribe Link, click the button and it'll be added automatically.

SMS marketing example - SMS from a business name with opt out link
SMS marketing example - SMS from a dedicated number with a reply opt out

Not only do we make opt-outs seamless, we can also handle replies. Have a two-way conversation with SMS and receive your replies straight back to the dashboard.

You can also monitor delivery and ensure your text messages are being received through our reports.

Important Note: people must have opted in to receive marketing SMS from you and you must provide an opt-out/stop message/unsubscribe function on every message.

Some Common Marketing Text Messages by Key Industries


Visit our dedicated Retail page for even more templates and great information on retails SMS.

Save Now! {company name} is offering 25% off all items up to 7pm Tues. Discount applied at checkout. Don’t miss out. {website link}.

Opt out reply STOP

Free delivery on all gifts today at {company name}. Use code {promo code} at checkout. {website link}.

Opt out reply STOP

Hi {name}, {season} is on its way, and you’re invited to {company name}’s new {event}. Reply back: {keyword} for more details.

Opt out reply STOP

{company name}’s annual sale starts on {date}, but if you’re 1 of the first 20 to reply back with {keyword} then you get early access to the deals now.

Opt out reply STOP


Visit our dedicated Bars & Restaurants and Travel and Hotels pages for even more templates and great information on hospitality SMS.

Hi {name}, 50% off all rooms mid-week throughout September at {company name}. Online bookings only using ref code {code}. Valid till {date}. Book now on

Opt out reply STOP

Hi {name}, It’s 2 for 1 Tuesday on all main meals at {restaurant name}. Order any main meal and get another free. Book ahead to avoid disappointment on

Opt out reply STOP

Hi {name}, We’ve got a huge game on our huge screen this weekend and it’s $5 dollar pints while the game is on. Game starts {time and date}. Get in early to get a good seat. See you at the {company name}

Opt out reply STOP

Hi {name}, Thanks for visiting {company name} recently. Being your first visit we’d value your feedback via a very quick survey. There’s a 20% off meal voucher at the end. Find the survey here:

Opt out reply STOP


Visit our dedicated Insurance page for even more templates and great information on Insurance SMS.

Insuring your vehicle is dull. We’ll take the strain and find the best deal. Call {company name} on {phone number} or visit

Opt out reply STOP

Hi {name}, Your home Insurance is due. To keep saving money Call {company name} on {phone number} or visit and quote {offer}

Opt out reply STOP

It’s car insurance time already. {company name} is here to help. Reply YES to this text and we’ll call you within 15 minutes with a quote.

Opt out reply STOP

Spend less on insurance and more on fun stuff. Call {company name} and put more in your back pocket. {company phone number} or reply SAVE to this text.

Opt out reply STOP

ClickSend is here to help you identify how using SMS IT solutions can positively impact on the overall performance of your information technology business. There is no more convenient or cost effective way to communicate with your employees and your customers, and to improve the satisfaction of your clients.

Mobile text messaging has the highest response rate of any communication medium, and many consumers prefer this uninvasive method of contact. Invest in an SMS messaging service for your IT business today.

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Want to send multimedia marketing messages? Access the same engagement and open rates as SMS with our MMS platform - upload your image or GIF and have it sent in minutes.

With our cloud postcard print and mail service you can have beautifully printed marketing postcards sent to your customers.

Or use our automated email gateway to send longer-form messages to your customers.

Plus you can optimise all your business admin and other tasks with ClickSend through our online letter printing service, cloud fax service or text-to-speech voice calling.

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