Direct Mail Marketing

Mass mail entire post codes or delivery routes with flyers or leaflets.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing is a way of communicating with a wide range of customers through advertising to their letterbox. With ClickSend’s flyer distribution service, your business is able to contact thousands of potential customers with special offerings and discount pricing. You are able to create the message you wish to communicate to your customers and deliver it to them in a way you know they’ll see! Direct Mail advertising has been a tried and tested method of communicating with customers and with ClickSend you will enjoy a range of industry defining innovations including leaflet distribution tracking and an online flyer design system.

The process is very simple, upload your artwork or use our drag and drop editor to develop a flyer. Sending flyers and leaflets via direct mail can reach specific consumers that traditional marketing communication simply can’t. The team at ClickSend can work with your business to find a direct mail marketing solution. Trust in a reliable flyer distribution service!

Target Customers Based on Location

Launching a new service in a new area and want to let future customers know? With area direct mail marketing, simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and deliver your flyers to every active address in the area.

Simple Pricing

No setup fees, no design fees, no monthly fees. Simply choose the post codes you’d like to deliver to, choose your artwork and click send!

Leaflets or Flyers

Choose from a range of paper sizes. Deliver leaflets or flyers to any post codes. Send your next letterbox drop marketing campaign in minutes. We handle all of the printing and distribution.

24/7 Access

Attain 24/7 access to our direct mail marketing platform. Simply upload your artwork and begin your next flyer distribution or leaflet letterbox drop campaign.

GPS Tracking

All of our staff members are GPS tracked to ensure reliable delivery. Supervisors perform spot checks randomly along the delivery route. We guarantee your flyer delivery.

How It Works

Step 1

Upload a PDF or use our templates and drag-drop editor to create your flyer.

Step 2

Choose the post codes and regions you’d like your mail delivered to.

Step 3

Track your mail delivery online.

Reasons To Use ClickSend For Direct Mail Marketing

  • Target a wide range of customers via the same communication channel.
  • Guarantee your customers are receiving your flyers or leaflets.
  • Direct mail Advertising targets a wide range of customers in a specific location.
  • Deliver to any location globally.
  • Use our drag and drop editor to customise a flyer or leaflet.
  • Direct Mail Marketing cuts through the clutter and delivers a message right to your customer’s letterbox.


Get in contact with ClickSend today and access our Direct Mail Marketing system and see how can benefit your business.

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