The ClickSend Team

  • Matthew Larner
    Matthew LarnerManaging Director

    Matt founded ClickSend (formerly Intelligent Technologies) in 2006 and has successfully grown the business globally.

    • Ewan Thompson
      Ewan ThompsonSoftware Development Manager

      Ewan is responsible for managing software development.

      • Ashleigh McCaffery
        Ashleigh McCafferyCustomer Service

        Ash is responsible for customer service and account management in Australia.

        • Martyn O’Brien
          Martyn O’BrienSales Manager (Europe)

          Martyn looks after accounts and opportunities in Europe.

          • Douglas Lindner
            Douglas LindnerSales Manager (USA)

            Doug is responsible for Sales and brining new leads into the business in the US/Canada market.

            • Sarah Fisher
              Sarah FisherAccounting & Finance

              Sarah is responsible for managing accounting and finance.

              • Andrea Corovic
                Andrea CorovicMarketing Coordinator

                Andrea is responsible for managing marketing and promotions.

                • Omar Usman
                  Omar UsmanSoftware Developer

                  Omar is responsible for working with our team to design, code and implement back-end applications.

                  • Basil Mariano
                    Basil MarianoiOS Developer

                    Basil is our lead iOS developer.

                    • Paul Santos
                      Paul SantosQA Manager

                      Paul keeps our software fully tested and bug-free.

                      • Robert Gruba
                        Robert GrubaSoftware Developer

                        Robert is responsible for working with our team to design, code and implement front-end applications.

                        • Sanjay Karia
                          Sanjay KariaSoftware Developer

                          Sanjay is responsible for managing our Software Development Kits and plugins.

                          • Sunny Mabini
                            Sunny MabiniCustomer Service

                            Sunny is a customer service representative.

                            • Jen Villadolid
                              Jen VilladolidCustomer Service

                              Jen is a customer service representative.

                              • Anmheca Valencia
                                Anmheca ValenciaCustomer Service

                                Anne is a customer service representative.

                                • Jerika Salazar
                                  Jerika SalazarCustomer Service

                                  Jeka is one of our customer service agents

                                  • Andrea Dionisio
                                    Andrea DionisioCustomer Service

                                    Andrea is a customer service agent

                                    • Astra Calonge
                                      Astra CalongeCustomer Service

                                      Astra is a customer service agent.

                                      • Christine Mayen
                                        Christine MayenCustomer Service

                                        Christine is a customer service representative.

                                        • Genevie Gregorio
                                          Genevie GregorioCustomer Service

                                          Genevie is a customer service representative.

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