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SMS for Education

Talk to parents and keep students on track with SMS for schools

Connect teachers, parents, and students with SMS text messaging for schools. And, reduce admin for teachers and staff too.

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Reach parents and students where they are with a school SMS service

Text messages are quick to create, read in minutes and always delivered. SMS for schools gets essential messages to parents and students without overwhelming them.

Plug ClickSend into your Learning Management Systems and Student Information Systems to track attendance, share grades and send reminders.

Teachers or school staff can send SMS from our simple Dashboard and app.

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Make out of class communication easy for teachers

Reduce admin time for teachers with automations and simple integrations.

Use our auto responses to answer common questions automatically.

Enrollment and fee reminders keep class numbers up and make sure tuition is paid on the due date.

Keep everyone safe with a secure platform.Plus, you can download message history for reporting.

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Use text messaging for schools to reduce miscommunication

It's easier to teach when everyone knows what to expect. Send messages to parents and know they’ve been received.

It takes minutes to send with delivery reports for peace of mind. No more phone tag.

Schedule automatic reminders so students and parents know about important events and deadlines.

Make attendance tracking easy. Add SMS to your school system with an integration or via our API.

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It’s easy for everyone to use our school messaging system

Send class updates from one simple platform rather than your phone. And, keep your personal contact details private.

It’s easy for families to consent to join the contact list. They just need to send a text.

Everyone uses texting. Parents and students don’t need to download yet another app or program.

You can update everyone at once. Or, build contact lists for each class, group and team.

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Convenient for students

“ClickSend makes it easy to contact our students in a fast and convenient way while also being able to send out not just text messages, but also postcards and letters for upcoming important dates.”
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Great for schedule changes

“We were intending to purchase a business mobile phone to remind students of classes or to alert them to any changes in scheduling. ClickSend is a far more economical way to do this for us and we love using our PC rather than a mobile phone. So far, so good!”
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Nice and easy

“Nice and easy to use, much easier than sending texts from your mobile. The templates are a great idea, when I need to send one I just edit the name and press send. Also love the chance to review before you send. All in all a great system.”
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The complete SMS guide

Disover how to start using SMS at your organisation.

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Sync ClickSend to your favorite tools and software with our integrations.
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