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SMS for Real Estate

Work on closing deals, while you’re showing an open house

An SMS for real estate tool that works as hard as you do. It's simple to learn and you can send your first message in minutes. No set-up fees or hidden charges.

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Realtors talk to hundreds of leads a month. Our simple tool helps you juggle.

Make communication easy. Use real estate text messaging software to talk to tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers. Schedule messages, automate viewing reminders and set-up auto-replies.

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Sell properties fast with SMS for real estate marketing

Make it easy for people to view properties and get answers to their questions.

Send high-quality property photos to hundreds of buyers on your contact list in minutes. Tell buyers about available listings quickly.

Simple to use app so you can work anywhere. Quickly reply, share listings with warm leads and send calls back to your office in a few clicks.

Answer property questions instantly with a text keyword and auto replies. Save yourself time and keep everyone updated.

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Make property management communication easy with texting

Updating buyers, sellers, tenants and property owners can be easy with real estate texts.

Use text messaging to send important messages to people while they are looking for properties.

Make sure everyone knows what's happening, when. Use text message notifications and alerts to send reminders and confirmations to clients.

Add real estate SMS to the tools you already use via integrations. Add text messaging functionality without hiring a developer.

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No subscription. 24/7 human support. Letters and postcards too.

Our real estate text messaging software that works fast and is easy to learn, with no monthly subscription.

ClickSend is always pay-as-you-go. You only ever pay for what you send. Competitive prices are part of the deal.

You can sign up and get sending in minutes, without help. But, don't worry you're never alone — our human support team is online 24/7.

Use our online mail tools, all from the same Dashboard. Our online mail tool makes sending letters and postcards as easy as sending an email.

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Quality easy-to-use SMS

“On top of SMS, ClickSend offers real estate businesses the ability to send MMS messages which can include photos of listings and layouts. Also worth noting for realtors are SMS update templates to re-engage leads that may have gone cold.”

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Easy to use and fairly priced

“Easy service to use for us, it has allowed us to reach clients easier and has increased response time drastically. After using another SMS service ClickSend offers a much simpler and more intuitive solution with inexpensive features for our medium-sized business.”

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Quick text campaigns, just like email marketing

“You can generate quick campaigns just like in email, save pre-written texts with URLs, send immediately, or schedule for a certain date and hour. They have analytics, shared, and private numbers. I like that it is super straightforward.”

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Send showing reminders automatically

Easily add SMS functionality to your Google Calendar.

Add SMS to your calendar
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SMS templates for real estate

Streamline client communication with free text messaging templates.

Use SMS templates
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Sell houses with smart mailouts

Add smart online mail to your next SMS campaign.
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Join over 90,000 companies sending billions of messages with us around the world. Get started in minutes.

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