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Coordinate all vendors, manufacturers, warehouse staff, drivers, consumers and contractors simply and efficiently through SMS messaging.

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Get Ahead with SMS for Transport and Logistics

Communication is key in the transport and freight industry. Vendors, logistics providers, drivers, and consumers awaiting delivery of goods all rely on timely and accurate information and fast and effective communication is critical to smooth operation at all levels.

Send SMS

Use SMS to send notifications when stock is incoming or outgoing.

Hi Grant, your shipment has been dispatched and the ETA is this Friday. Please ensure the receiving dock is free for our drivers to make delivery. Kind regards, SGK Shipments.
Hey Tara, there's been a crash on the Mitchell Freeway, traffic is blocked and emergency services are on approach. Please use Polly Farmer Freeway to avoid delivery delays.
Send SMS

Contact drivers when on the road with emergency updates or alerts using text messages.

Choose SMS text messaging for transport and logistics to send lightning fast messages and be sure that your logistics communications are reaching your staff wherever they are.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Logistics Companies

At ClickSend our SMS logistics solutions are tailored to the needs of transport providers, stevedores, warehouses, and other services in order for them to facilitate streamlined processes. Service providers in the transport, storage and freight industries can use an SMS messaging service for an array of tasks.

Example of delivery SMS message for logistics staff

Cut down costs and improve customer satisfaction

Send text message notifications throughout the logistics cycle from planning and sourcing parts to order delivery. Communicating via phone for every issue or event is time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. It's easy to integrate SMS into daily operations. Some of the most critical points of communication with stock management include:

  • Notification of delays, system failure, pending delivery or pick up.

  • Order confirmations, status changes and tracking information.

  • Confirmation of delivery to ensure the recipient will be present for receipt of goods.

  • Inventory management notifications - have team members alerted when stock levels are not at the desired level (whether over or understocked).

Better manage staff, jobs and reduce human error

Reduce time spent on voice calls, get your message across quickly and succinctly with logistics text messaging.

  • Rostering and job assignment.

  • Appointment reminders.

  • Service reminders.

  • Send updates to employees.

  • Communicate regular warehouse training sessions.

  • Track location and estimated arrival times to monitor driver performance.

Example of transport driver receiving logistics updates via text
Example of automated payment reminders through Xero and ClickSend integration

Reduce time spent on repetitive account management tasks

When your priority is getting products from one location to another, reduce time used on repetitive account management tasks. Use text messages to shave hours off these processes, allowing you to focus on what you're good at:

  • Send automated logistics text messages when invoices are raised, are about to fall due or are overdue.

  • Automate communications around ordering and stock management - when an order is raised, trigger transactional logistics SMS messages so you can set and forget.

Favourite Text Message Templates for the Transport and Logistics Industry

Keep staff, contractors, shippers and stakeholders in the loop no matter where they are with these logistics text message templates.

SMS Message to Confirm Orders

Hi {first name}, thanks for your order with [company]. Your order number is {order number} and it is scheduled for dispatch this afternoon. We will follow up with tracking information once dispatch has been completed. [Company].

SMS for Delivery Status Update Notifications

Hey {first name}, your parcel is onboard for delivery and expected to arrive between {delivery window}. Please ensure someone is available to receive your parcel at the address. [Company].

Emergency Text Message Traffic Alerts

{First name}, an [incident type] has occurred on [street]. Please ensure you avoid the area and find an alternate route for faster delivery. [Company].

Text Message Updates for Drivers

Hi {first name}, client has responded that there will not be anyone available to accept their parcel. Please bring {parcel number} to the depot for collection. [Company].

New Shipment Text Notifications

Hi {first name}, a new shipment has been dispatched and is scheduled to arrive at the warehouse at {time}. Please ensure team members are on hand for receipt of goods. [Company].

SMS Reminders for Invoice Payment

Hi {first name}, invoice has been raised for {month} and sent to {email}. We would appreciate prompt payment to avoid any shipping delays. Kind regards, [name], [company].

Use transport and logistics text messaging solutions to give you an edge by simplifying internal communications processes, giving you a massive boost in warehouse productivity.

ClickSend for Omni-Channel Logistics Communications

With the ClickSend communications platform you get more than just text messaging for logistics businesses. You get the full suite of products.

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Example of logistics fax being sent from a web browser
Send important logistics documentation from your browser to their postbox

Send shipping and invoicing documentation quickly and easily from your computer straight to the mailbox of your recipients with our online post service. It's as simple as uploading your document and a few clicks.

Try out our transactional email platform to set and forget your regular emails.

Or try out our MMS service, text to voice calling or custom postcard print and mail service.

SMS logistics messaging works for your company to reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline processes, and enhance standards for customer service. Whether your customer is another business entity or a public consumer, better service equates to increased customer satisfaction.

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