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Get your messages received and read in minutes. Talk to your customers or team via text message with our web SMS service.
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Online texting: from web to mobile in seconds

When you need to get a message across quickly and reliably, choose The Philippines's most trusted SMS gateway.
Because, you don't like downtime and neither do we.

Your messages are important. That's why we send them using the most secure, reliable routes (known as Tier 1 networks). And we have a standard 99.95% uptime guarantee, meaning that you can send SMS online anytime, anywhere. So you know that your message will be received almost instantly.

It's simple to send and receive SMS online - here's how

Want to start sending messages ASAP? Let's do it. Our team can guide you through the process from setting up your virtual phone numbers to sending your first SMS. Or sign up for a trial and test out our features within our Dashboard, using your free trial credit.

Once you have an account with us, the rest is easy. Sign in, click a few buttons, tap out a message and you're done. It's quicker than you think. Here's a step by step breakdown.

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Sign in to the Dashboard and choose SMS

Use the left side menu to choose:
  • Quick SMS (for quick, no-frills messaging) or SMS campaign (access all features).
  • Contacts: add records individually, upload a list or sync contacts from your CRM.
  • Your sender number – the number you want the message to come from.
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Write your message

Simply type your message in.
  • Personalise your message with placeholders e.g. (First Name).
  • Add a short URL to keep within 160 characters, or write a longer message across several message parts.
  • Use emojis for a fun, personable addition to your message.
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Then, click send

And your messages will be delivered in seconds via our direct routes.
You're all done, there's no need to check for delivery. Want to make sure everything sent perfectly? Track your message via the History and Reporting analytics in the Dashboard.
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The big question: what's an online SMS gateway?

They power billions of text alerts, appointment reminders and promotional SMS every single day. But what exactly are they?

When you send a text from your mobile - via your telco - to your friend, that's an example of 'person to person' (P2P) messaging. But you can't send high-volume business SMS in the same way.

To send thousands of messages at once, companies need to use 'application to person' (A2P) SMS software. This is when one application sends messages to many people.

And that's where SMS gateways come in.

An online SMS gateway allows computers to talk to telecommunications networks. It converts messages into the format used by the network operators.

There are two ways online SMS gateways can be accessed – either via an SMS gateway API or through a web-based SMS portal (we call ours the Dashboard).

You can add contact lists, create SMS campaigns, receive replies, watch performance in real time from the Dashboard.

Start a conversation with two-way web texting

Why settle for one sided communication? Send SMS online and receive replies in one place, so you can have meaningful conversations with your customers or team members.

Engage with customers via text message to:

Improve query response times and delight your customers.

Set up and update bookings or appointments quickly.

Ask for feedback and receive meaningful responses.

Or catch staff, suppliers and stakeholders, wherever they are, and get responses fast.

Not all text message gateways are created equal.
Here's what to look for.

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Not another software subscription

Ever signed up to subscription software only to forget about it and continue paying? We’ve all been there. Choose a pay-as-you-use service so you only pay for messages sent, not the size of your database.
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Direct routes for lightning-fast SMS delivery

Click send and know that your messages will be delivered on time, every time. How? Because we only use the most reliable, direct routes.
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Talk to real humans, 24/7

Got questions? Start a chat. There's always friendly online support for quick, efficient help. Day or night. 365 days a year. You can also reach out via contact form, email or phone. No bots, just real humans.
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Send all your communications from one platform.

Set up SMS, email, voice, direct mail and more, all in the one place.

Get the low down. See what others are saying about us.

Talk to us about web SMS. Your first message is on us.

Ready to get started? Talk to us about how online messaging will bring real results for your business. Or just dive right in with a free trial. And see why over 90,000 companies in The Philippines choose our online SMS gateway.
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