People Management and Rostering

The key to people management is communication - and what better medium than text messaging to communicate with your team?

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People Management Communications Solved

Bilang isang may-ari o tagapamahala ng negosyo, mahahanap mo ang iyong sarili na kinakailangang masakop ang maraming mga tungkulin - bookkeeper, customer support at human resourcing. Nakakalimutan ng mga tao na ang pangangalap ng tao ay isang maliit na parte lamang pagdating sa human resourcing na kailangan mong makumpleto kapag nagpapatakbo ng isang negosyo. Kaya kapag kailangan mong makipag-usap sa iyong koponan at sa mas malawak na kumpanya, kailangan mong gawin ito nang mabilis at epektibo.

Mula sa pamamahala ng mga staff rosters sa mabuting pagtanggap o industriya, hanggang sa pagnonotify para sa mga pagbabago sa venue para sa mga klase o sporting teams, pamamahala sa mga tao ay hindi madali. Ang 2-way na SMS group messaging ay ang pinakamahusay na paraan upang matiyak na alam ng lahat kung ano ang nangyayari - agad.

Bakit kailangan gumamit ng SMS para sa pakikipagkomunikasyon sa iyong mga staff?

There is no more efficient method of delivering staff communications than SMS

Para agad na makuha ang iyong mensahe, ang pagpapadala ng mensahe sa iyong mga staff bilang komunikasyon ay hindi kailan man matatalo. Iwasang malito at gawing mabuti ang iyong staff attendance sa pamamagitan ng pagpapadala ng automated SMS.

  • Keep staff super happy with an SMS saying they've been paid, automated via your accounting/payment software

  • Increase productivity by keeping staff updated on rosters and informed of changes affecting work, with an SMS you know it's been received and read

  • Make new employees feel less stressed by onboarding them via SMS, a welcome message by SMS before their start date is a simple yet personal way to instantly make a new employee feel at ease

With SMS your messages are delivered in minutes and with a 98% open rate and 90% being opened within the first 3 minutes, you know your staff communications are being received and read. There can be no excuses. However, we offer delivery tracking and click through data - just in case!

For more reasons as to why SMS is perfect for staff communications check out our blog:

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How To Use People Management Text Messaging

Increase Your Rostering Productivity

Staff scheduling and rostering can be an enormous and complex undertaking, particularly in large industries and institutions such as manufacturing, hospitals, emergency services, and the hospitality industry. Who has which skills and is available when, then how will each team perform together - it’s all quite a juggle. It is imperative that communication and management of the employee base be exceptional. Confusion or staff absenteeism not only looks bad, but can negatively affect your customers and clients.

SMS can be utilised for enhanced communication with employees and improved productivity of your business. Using SMS you can get two-way communication in a quick, short format allowing all parties to communicate effectively. In reducing absenteeism or confusion around shifts, you can gain significant savings, or in the case of health and emergency services, it can potentially save lives.

Improve People Management Processes with Recruitment SMS

Contact job seekers quickly and effectively through text message - send alerts about job vacancies, follow ups to unresponded emails, interview reminders or for onboarding new recruits with useful tips to navigate the office (eg. instructions to access internal communications channels or where to find the coffee).

Announcements, Appointments, Staff Development and Surveys

Got important information for all internal parties? If you have staff who are on the road, casual or unlikely to be active on email, why not send a text message? Text messages are great for cascading information, whether there’s a new staff appointment, training available or to take a temperature check on staff morale.

Make SMS People Management Software
gawin para sayo

People management software is a great tool for consolidating your human resource data and streamlining administrative tasks. It’s a one stop shop for handling employee records, connecting employees with employers or particular departments, building out employee profiles, employee performance tracking, legal compliance, contracts and sometimes even payroll. No modern business should be without an effective People Management Software system, or staff roster software. Running a business will be smooth and streamlined, for greater success and productivity.

Elevate your people management software experience by integrating your communications platform. With ClickSend you can also automate liham for offering a position, faxes if you have stakeholders who still prefer to send via fax or even transactional email for longer onboarding processes. ClickSend can be integrated into any staff rostering software. Get in touch with us today to find out how it can work for your business.

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