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Text Messaging for Insurance Companies

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SMS for Insurance Companies

It's been reported that 64% of consumers say they have a more positive perception of a company if it offers texting as a service channel. Insurance companies that are using SMS correctly are winning.

Renewal reminders (that get read)

Insurance Arrow From
Hi Mark, it's your favorite insurance company, Dalliance, giving you a little reminder your car insurance is up for renewal on 31/12/25. We'd love to offer you the same rate or give us a call and we may even be able to reduce it. We're good like that. Call us on 555-555-555 and quote ABCD1234.

Opt out reply STOP

Use MMS functionality to allow customers to instantly send important images.

Insurance Arrow To
Send and receive insurance claims via MMS
Here's the damage just sustained to my car.
Thanks, your claim number is 190471.

SMS for insurance is the best direct response communications channel for your business. It also has extremely high open and response rates when compared with other mediums. Open rates of insurance text messages consistently outperform insurance emails. ClickSend SMS is fast, affordable, and easy to implement and operate. It is the premium way to communicate across your insurance business, to convert leads and to engage with your clients.

Clicksend is proud to provide SMS insurance solutions to help your insurance business not only generate and capture leads but better manage your customers.

Benefits of SMS for Insurance

Here are some of the ways the insurance industry is benefitting from using SMS.

Keep policyholders informed about their claim via SMS

An informed customer is a happy customer

And the most cost effective way to keep your insurance customers informed is by SMS. By using event triggers everything can be completely automated. Here are some of the ways people are using automated, transactional SMS messaging to simplify their insurance communications:

  • Send premium renewal notifications by text message to encourage people to pay on time and reduce the number of late payments.

  • Keep policyholders appraised of how their claim is progressing - when updates are made on their policy, have an automated text message sent to alert the policyholder. That way, should these updates have been without their knowledge/consent they have been informed and are able to contact you ASAP to follow up.

  • Provide quotes in real time - when an enquiry is sent, respond instantly using automations to calculate a quote based on the information the enquiry contains.

  • Reduce comparison shopping by prospective leads - provide quotes quickly and send follow ups based on whether the customer has signed up.

Building more and better relationships with customers

Utilize text message marketing to retain your existing customers and convert new leads to customers.

  • Send marketing messages based on when your customers are about to renew their policies to avoid them shopping around or being enticed by competitors.

  • Send bundle deals to encourage people to sign up for multiple different insurance products.

  • If there are regulations or tax implications of not having health insurance, why not send a personalized marketing blast to people who will be affected to get them to add a health insurance policy?

Use text messaging as a clever marketing tool, with automations to trigger at the point where the customer will be most receptive to your offer. Learn more about our SMS integrations.

SMS for car insurance, home and contents insurance, travel insurance

Some Favorite SMS Templates for the Insurance Industry

Generate more sales and custom with messaging that actually gets read (and responded to).

Policy Renewal Reminder

Hi {first name}, your {insurance product} policy with {insurance company} is due to expire on {date}. Call us on {phone number} so we can talk you through renewal options.

Policy Renewal Reminder - Urgent

URGENT INSURANCE RENEWAL REMINDER Hi {first name}, your {insurance product} policy with {insurance company} expires tomorrow. Call us on {phone number} or visit {web address} so we can keep you covered.

Policy Renewal Reminder - Overdue

Hi {first name}, we haven't received payment for the renewal of your {insurance product} and this is a friendly reminder that the payment is overdue. Please make payment as soon as possible or respond to this SMS if you’ve misplaced the invoice. You can always contact us on {phone number} or {email address}

Payment Reminders

Hi {name}, we’ve noticed that your monthly payment for your {insurance product} is missing. Please submit your payment by {due date} to policy cancellation. If you're having trouble with payment please reply to this text or call {phone number} Thanks {insurance company}.

Claim Receipt

Hi {name}, it's {agents name} here at {insurance company} just to let you know we've received your claim and are reviewing it now. Feel free to respond to this message or contact me on {phone number} or {email address}.

Marketing Promotion

Hi {name}, as you have {insurance product} policy with us you qualify for {number}% off any of our other insurance products. Now that's something to think about. Cheers {insurance company}.

SMS automotive solutions exist to enhance your business, improving your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your business and your profitability.

All Insurance Company Communications in One Web Application

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Insurance postcard example - back and front

Thank your customers for taking out or renewing a policy with a beautiful postcard - simply upload your design, click send and it will arrive in their mailbox.

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