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Easy Mass SMS Platform for Telecommunications Providers

Telecommunications service providers can easily and economically communicate with consumers via a dedicated SMS messaging service. Setting up SMS telecommunications solutions is the ideal way to reduce inbound customer voice calls and to automate processes related to workflow. ClickSend is proud to provide a communications tool for telecommunications providers, utilising an SMS messaging service to facilitate staff communications, customer service, payment due reminders, and marketing purposes.

Telecommunication SMS

Use SMS to send timely 'nudge' reminders and get paid on time.

Hey Kevin, your bill from Vidamobile is due in 3 days. Please ensure funds are in your account for debit to avoid late fees. Thanks in advance!
Early Upgrade MMS Telecommunications Company Example
Hi Basil, upgrade early to the Universe S10 Tri-Fold smartphone with your unlimited data package and we will close out your 2 year contract 3 months early! Reply UPGRADE to find out more. To opt our reply STOP
Telecommunication SMS

Contact customers before their contract is due to expire to prevent them from going to the competition.

Use SMS text messaging in all facets of your business operations, whether it’s internal communications, transactional messaging for customers or for marketing purposes. Our telecommunications SMS service is brilliant for reaching your whole database in minutes, or for sending text messages based on a trigger through our automations. When you send a text message blast or set up an automation, you know that your recipients will receive your message in a timely way with more than 90% of text messages read within minutes of receipt.

Benefits of Telecommunications Companies Using SMS

Increase customer satisfaction and improve business processes using a trusted, proven and incredibly cost efficient communications channel.

SMS for Telco Example - Connection of Service Message

An informed customer is a happy customer

Increase customer satisfaction by keeping your customers informed via SMS. It's a format they're entirely comfortable with and is less intrusive than a phone call.

  • Send updates and alerts by SMS text message; keep a customer updated on the delivery of their new phone.

  • Send welcome and courtesy messages for customers joining your network.

  • Send reminders for near-due and overdue accounts; a payment 'nudge' SMS is hugely effective.

  • Confirm and remind customers of appointment; give them the opportunity to reschedule.

  • Send alerts to remind customers to top up balances for prepaid accounts; nobody likes losing use of their beloved phone.

  • Keep customers informed of any work happening that may affect their phone or internet.

Operational efficiencies can be gained by using SMS for internal communications. especially when integrated into company software systems.

  • Distribute and manage all job requests by bulk SMS.

  • Providing scheduling information to employees.

  • Distributing staff rosters and filling roster vacancies quickly using texts.

  • Manage employee access to systems and networks by using SMS for two-factor authentication (2FA).

Hi Doug, your job roster for this week can be viewed now at

Hi Tyrell, there’s an emergency job for you tomorrow. View details now at

Hi Mike, can you do a half day in our Esperance store this Thursday? Reply YES or No.

Some Useful SMS Templates for the Telecommunications Industry

Get more out of your existing customers through cross-sales, well timed promotions and bill payment reminders sent via text message.

SMS Messages for New Handset Launches

Hi {first name}, thanks for your interest in {handset name}. We are now taking pre-orders for {handset} and they will be shipped out on {date}. If you're interested, reply YES and we will send you more information. {Telecommunication company}.

Text Messaging for Cross-Sell Opportunities

Hi {first name}, thanks for signing up to {product plan} with us. Did you know we also offer {product}? Bundle both services and save {percentage}. Reply INFO to find out more. {Telecommunications company}.

Bill Creation SMS Notification

Hi {first name}, your {month} bill is ready and we have sent it to your email. If you have any questions, please reach out by {preferred contact method}. {Telecommunications company}.

Text Message Reminders for Telecom Bills

Hi {first name}, your {month} bill is due on {date}. We would appreciate prompt payment. You can pay using {payment methods}. Thanks in advance! {Telecommunications company}.

Try out these text message templates and get ready to see your telecommunication business improve productivity and revenue like never before.

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Example of sending MMS marketing message for mobile handset sales

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