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Send and receive texts online for messaging that gets received and read in minutes. Talk to your customers or team with our web SMS gateway.
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Web texting service: send SMS online to cell phone in seconds

When you need to get a message across quickly and reliably, choose America's most trusted SMS gateway.
Because you don't like downtime and neither do we.

We know your text messages are important. That’s why our SMS gateway only uses the most secure, reliable routes (known as Tier 1 networks). Relax, knowing that your message will be received almost instantly thanks to our 99.95% uptime commitment.

How to send SMS online (it's easier than you think)

The easiest way to access our online SMS gateway is through your web browser. Sign up for an account, then you can set up your number, add contacts and send your first message in the ClickSend Dashboard. Here's how.

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Create your account

Sign up for your ClickSend account and our team will guide you through the process of registering your own number.
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Add your contacts

Import contacts with a CSV file, or connect to your CRM to easily sync your contact lists.
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Send your text message

Create an SMS Campaign, send a Quick SMS or start a two-way conversation with Messenger. Just type in your message, choose your contact list and click send.
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What is an online SMS gateway?

An online SMS gateway is web-based software that businesses use to send text messages. Most SMS gateways will have a Dashboard, where you can add contacts and send text messages straight from your browser. Or you can access the gateway via SMS APIs to build messaging capability into other apps.

SMS gateways allow computers to talk to the cell networks, by converting SMS into the format used by the networks. As businesses grow and scale, it becomes impossible to contact customers from a cell phone (what we call person-to-person messaging). That's why business texting is done through SMS gateways, a type of 'application to person' software.

And billions of text alerts, appointment reminders and marketing SMS are sent through the web every single day.

Frequently asked questions about online SMS services

Can I send SMS through the internet?

Yes, you can start sending text messages from the internet using an online SMS gateway. It's perfect for fast, reliable business messaging.

What does an SMS gateway do?

An SMS gateway enables computers to send and receive text messages to and from cell phones. It converts messages into a format that the cell networks use, so recipients receive the message as an SMS. Businesses use SMS gateways for efficient texting as they grow and need to reach customers without using personal cell phones.

What is the safest web texting platform?

Trust ClickSend for secure, reliable text messaging around the world. Built on enterprise-level security and using only top tier network routes, you know your messages reach your contacts safely.

And thanks to Global Sending, you can protect your account from sending messages to countries you don't do business in.

Is there any free SMS gateway?

Our SMS gateway is free and you get some free test credit when you sign up. After that you pay for the messages you send and for your dedicated number.

Thanks to cell carrier networks cracking down on spam, you will need a dedicated number to send SMS in the US. Any reputable SMS gateway will require a small monthly payment for your own number before you can start sending. We would caution against using any online SMS service that offers 'free' SMS at scale.

Not all SMS gateways are created equal.
Here's what to look for.

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Not another software subscription

Ever signed up to subscription software only to forget about it and continue paying? We've all been there. Choose a pay-as-you-use provider so you only pay for messages sent, not the size of your contact list.
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Direct routes for lightning-fast delivery

Click send and know that your messages will be delivered on time, every time. How? Because we only use the most reliable, direct routes.
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Talk to real humans, 24/7

Got questions? Start a chat. There's always friendly online support for quick, efficient help. Day or night. 365 days a year. You can also reach out via contact form, email or phone. No bots, just real people.
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All communications in one platform.

Set up text messaging, email, voice, direct mail and more, all in the one place.

Get the lowdown. See what people are saying about us.

Talk to us about web SMS. Your first message is on us.

Ready to get started? Talk to us about how online messaging will bring real results for your business. Or just dive right in with a free trial. And see why over 90,000 companies in United States choose our online SMS gateway.
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